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Janet Gainer

Nurse Practitioner, Medical Services

Kelly Gallagher

Women's Lacrosse Coach, Athletics

Bella Galperin

Senior Associate Director/TECO Energy Center for Leadership; Professor, Management

Rachel Gambol

Instructor, Accounting

Cynthia Gandee Zinober

Executive Director, Museum

Cynthia Gangi

Associate Professor, Psychology

Elizabeth Garber

Associate Director, Academic Excellence Programs

Willie Garcia

Mail Clerk, Mail Services

Tiffany Garcia

Assistant Director of Alumni Relations and Events Management, Development and University Relations

Alyssa Garcia

Admissions Counselor, Admissions

Brian Garman

Associate Professor, Mathematics

Steven Geisz

Professor, Philosophy

Jack Geller

Dean, College of Social Sciences, Mathematics and Education

Corey George

Multimedia Technology Manager, Art and Design

Adrienne George

Professor of Instruction I, Biology

F. Frank Ghannadian

Dean/College of Business; Director/TECO Energy Center for Leadership; Professor, Finance

Joni Ghannadian

Lecturer I, Information and Technology Management

Laura Gicker

Staff Assistant I, College of Social Sciences, Mathematics and Education

Mariusz Gladysz

Executive Chef III, Ultimate Dining, Dining Services

Shaquille Glover

Associate Network Engineer, Information Technology and Security

Katie Godwin

Staff Assistant I, Operations and Planning

Sridhar Gogineni

Assistant Professor, Finance

Lina Gomez-Vasquez

Assistant Professor, Public Relations

Marcio Goncalves

Assistant Professor, Film, Animation and New Media

Robert Gonzalez

Associate Professor, Speech, Theatre and Dance

Alicia Gonzalez

Staff Assistant I, Music/Speech, Theater, Dance

Deborah Gonzalez

Assistant Registrar, Registrar’s Office

Robert Goodwin

Coordinator/Accounting Internships; Instructor, Accounting

Art Goon

Director of Graduate and Continuing Studies, Admissions

Jeanette Gore

Biology Lab Coordinator / Lecturer, Biology

Scott Gossen

Project Manager, Facilities Management

Chris Gottlick

Director, Campus Recreation

Michael Green

Coordinator of Graduate Business Program Operations, Graduate Business Programs

David Green

Assistant Athletic Trainer, Athletics

Yvette Green

Instructor, Accounting

Amy Greene

Associate Director of Housing Operations, Residence Life

Paul Greenwood

Dean, College of Natural and Health Sciences; Professor of Biology

Jeanne Gregory

Bursar, Bursar's Office

Derrick Grier

Campus Safety Officer, Campus Safety

Sabrina Griffith

Director of Student Care and Advocacy, Operations and Planning

Jeffrey Grim

Assistant Professor, Biology

Kylie Gross

Assistant Director, Financial Aid

Diane Grosso

Administrative Assistant, Administration and Finance

Cindy Guarino LPN

Licensed Practical Nurse, Medical Services

David Gudelunas

Dean, College of Arts and Letters; Professor, Communication

Caili Guilday

Assistant Women's Lacrosse Coach, Athletics

Kelsey Guinasso

Staff Assistant II, Academic Advising Office

Pranjal Gupta

Associate Professor, Marketing

Chris Gurrie

Director, Communication and Speech Studies; Associate Professor, Speech

Meybell Gutierrez

Retail Manager, Dining Services