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Innovation and Collaboration Building
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The John P. Lowth Entrepreneurship Center is a model entrepreneurship space incorporating state-of-the-art design elements to enhance creativity, inquiry, introspection and innovative thinking and learning. It brings together student entrepreneurs, educators and experienced entrepreneurs to generate, refine and develop business concepts and to launch new ventures. This unique space includes:

  • Inspiration center – includes workstations, a pop-up pitch area and two think pods
  • Pitch room – a tiered space designed for presenting business ideas
  • Contemplation loft – an area for reflection and creative ideation
  • Executive seminar room – a tiered room that seats 84
  • Collaboration kitchen – a place to eat, relax and devise new ideas; features colorful wall displays of current and former students’ successful ventures
  • Spartan accelerators – four large spaces for student entrepreneurs to work on their startups
  • Masters suite – dedicated space for masters students to work on their projects
  • Community incubator – a live learning lab for up to nine early-stage community businesses
  • Video conference room – features a circular window with electro-chromatic glass that can switch from transparent to opaque for privacy
  • Resource center – offers printed and electronic information about entrepreneurship and new venture creation
  • Entrepreneur-in-residence office – for visiting entrepreneurs who are coaching and mentoring UT students
  • Venture capital suite – for individuals who can help students as mentors and connectors to funding
  • Faculty and staff offices
  • Board room
  • Lobby – includes touch-screen videos and information panels
  • Outdoor terrace – offers views of the city and Hillsborough Bay

Lowth Entrepreneurship Center Map

Lowth Entrepreneurship Center Map

Take a virtual tour of the John P. Lowth Entrepreneurship Center.

Most Recent Updates

board room

The Board Room with beautiful views of campus.

loft in mezzanine

The contemplation loft in mezzanine provides areas for reflection and inspiration.

think pods

Two unique think pods provide quiet space for individual phone call or small group brainstorming.

community incubator space

The community incubator space is a live learning lab for up to nine early stage businesses.

Large collaborative open space

Large collaborative open spaces.