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Centers and Institutes at UT: Where the Business Community Comes to Learn

The University of Tampa is home to six specialized centers and institutes that contribute resources and expertise to enhance classroom curriculum, while also contributing in areas such as research, student development and public service.

  • Center for Ethics

    The Center for Ethics provides resources and services to educate people about ethics. We focus on business ethics, those decisions about what is right and wrong in a business context.

  • TECO Energy Center for Leadership

    The TECO Energy Center for Leadership, endowed by TECO Energy Inc., strives to offer initiatives and programs that are designed to provide transformative learning experiences for individuals and organizations pursuing sustainable business and leadership excellence.

  • Naimoli Institute for Business Strategy

    The mission of the Naimoli Institute is to provide opportunities for innovative learning about strategy to students and organizations throughout the Tampa Bay region.

  • Lowth Entrepreneurship Center

    The John P. Lowth Entrepreneurship Center in the Sykes College of Business teaches skills that are critical for today’s entrepreneur.

  • The Institute for Sales Excellence

    The Institute for Sales Excellence promotes the advancement in the field of professional selling by preparing the next generation of sales leaders.

  • Florida Directors' Institute

    The Florida Directors’ Institute in the Sykes College of Business is dedicated to developing board effectiveness so that it becomes a true competitive advantage for an organization.

  • Center for Cybersecurity
    The vision of the Center for Cybersecurity is to become a prominent leader in cybersecurity education and training.

These centers focus their efforts and related activities in the areas of ethics, leadership, strategy, entrepreneurship and corporate governance. All of our centers and institutes offer an opportunity for students, faculty and community members to engage in dialogue, attend public lectures, participate in conferences, enroll in development programs and much more. 

Centers and Institutes Events