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University of Tampa Campus and the downtown skyline at dusk

The Tampa Bay Economy is a newsletter produced at the Sykes College of Business. This biannual newsletter keeps our readers apprised of economic information pertaining to the Tampa Bay area. A near-term forecast of the local economy is provided along with special topic articles on U.S. and international macroeconomics.

Current Edition

  • Summer 2021 (PDF)
    In this issue:
    Is the U.S. Economy Headed for a “Hotter but Shorter&rdquo Expansionary Cycle? by V. Jayakumar
    Tampa Bay Forecast: A Tale of Two Tampa Recessions by J. Stinespring  



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For more information regarding the publication of The Tampa Bay Economy, please contact our editor, John Stinespring, associate professor of economics.

Electronic or print copies of articles in this newsletter may be made and distributed for teaching and research purposes, educational purposes and for other non-commercial purposes free of charge and without securing permission, provided that appropriate citation is made. For all other purposes, permission must be obtained from the Sykes College of Business and from the individual author. For more information, please contact John Stinespring