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Students in the College of Business Building

At the Sykes College of Business (COB), highly qualified students of diverse ages and backgrounds receive advanced training in an array of disciplines from faculty members with a pulse on the business community. Each graduate business program features experiential learning through client projects, internships, case studies, consulting, strategic planning, and data collection and analysis. The uniquely designed curriculum promotes business fundamentals with an understanding that tomorrow's innovation and technology are essential for business success.

At the Sykes College of Business, we are proud of the features that distinguish us among the world's top business programs such as:

  • Highest accreditation
  • Innovative curriculum
  • Outstanding faculty
  • Experiential learning
  • High-tech facilities

Alongside these distinguished features, UT's Sykes College of Business has also been featured in renowned media outlets including:

  • The Princeton Review
  • Bloomberg Businessweek
  • TFE Times
  • Tampa Bay Business Journal

With your support, the Sykes College of Business is able to continue offering meaningful opportunities.