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From internships to student achievements to recognition of The University of Tampa faculty and institution as a whole, the following is a running archive of UT press releases, called News Articles, and feature stories, noted as UT Life.

Posted November 18, 2020 in News

UT is the second-ranked school in Florida in both the undergraduate and graduate categories but is the only school in Florida ranked in both.

Posted October 23, 2020 in UT Life

The entire facility is to be renamed the Benson Alex Riseman Fitness and Recreation Center after a large gift from the alumnus.

Posted October 20, 2020 in News

Entering students’ SAT scores also elevated with one-fourth of the new first-year students being eligible for the University’s distinguished Honors Program.

Posted August 21, 2020 in News

Only about 15% of America’s four-year colleges are included in the rankings.

Posted August 21, 2020 in News

UT received a bronze for Best Local College, a bronze for Best Nursing School and a silver for Best Graduate School.

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