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Art Therapists Could Become Licensed in Florida Under Senate Bill 878

Spectrum Bay News 9
By Julia Hazel
Feb. 21, 2024

Florida’s Department of Health does not currently license art therapists, which disappointed Dana Fidler after receiving an art therapy degree from UT and 2022. Fidler is currently a master’s student at UT studying social and emerging media and provides therapeutic art services at Joe’s Art Time.

Best Store Credit Cards

By John Kiernan
Feb. 14, 2024

Jennifer Burton, associate professor of marketing in the College of Business was listed as an expert in this WalletHub piece about best store credit cards.

Economic Experts Weigh In on Inflation Projections for 2024

ABC Action News
By Larissa Scott
Feb. 2, 2024

The Federal Reserve announced in its January meeting that the committee was going to keep interest rates steady at 5.25% to 5.5%. “Their economic decisions tend to give us, I think, the best look into what some of the really big economists think is going to happen in the future,” said Thomas Stockwell, assistant professor of economics.

Jewels, Gowns and Crowns: Gasparilla History on Display at the Plant Museum

ABC Action News
By Lauren St. Germain
Jan. 26, 2024

At the Henry B. Plant Museum on The University of Tampa’s campus, there is a special exhibit, looking into what Gasparilla was like over the last century.

Former Baseball Pro Playing College Ball for The University of Tampa

Fox 13 News
By Kevin O’Donnell
Jan. 25, 2024

Anthony Nunez, a current UT student, played two seasons with the San Diego Padres before opting to become a Spartan.

Unexpected Plan Leads to More Conference Titles and Master’s Degrees for UT Player

ABC Action News
By Kyle Burger
Jan. 23, 2024

After covid-19 hit unexpectedly, Audrey Ramsey was granted a sixth year to play basketball, while pursuing two master’s degrees at UT.

This Warty, Toxic Pest Threatens Entire Ecosystems. These Scientists Have a Secret Weapon

CNN Australia
Hilary Whiteman
Jan. 19, 2024

A biology instructional staff member at UT, Jacob LaFond, was quoted in this piece about cane toads. “The running narrative right now is that there were those initial attempts, none of them worked, but then somehow this giant crate full of 20 or so toads got busted open in Miami airport. And because it was warm enough down there, they became established,” he told the news outlet.

This story also appeared on Yahoo! News and AOL, among other outlets. 

NASA Wants You To Help Track Gamma Ray Bursts

The Washington Post
Erin Blakemore
Jan. 14, 2024

Amy Lien, assistant professor of physics, is leading a NASA project inviting the public to identify gamma-ray bursts in the sky. These bursts provide insight into other environments in space, and possibly the history of the universe.

A similar story appeared on 83 Degrees.

The League of Women Voters-Manatee Asks Two Experts What Women Should Be Aware of

WSLR - Sarasota Community Radio
Johannes Werner
Jan. 10, 2024

This segment describes women voters as crucial influencers to the people around them. Liv Coleman, political science professor, says that while female representation in the legislature has improved, there are several proposed laws that many women deem unconstitutional.

‘Plant-Based’ Has Lost All Meaning

By Yasmin Tayag
Jan. 8, 2024

"On packaging and ad copy, plant-based has been applied to so many items—including foods that are highly processed, or those that have never contained animal ingredients—that it has gotten “diluted to nothing,” Mark Lang, a marketing professor at The University of Tampa who studies food, told The Atlantic for this piece.