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Effective Fall 2016


The Offices of the Dean of Students and Residence Life are committed to assigning student living spaces on the basis of priority for those students who most benefit from the personal, academic and community support of living on campus. To accomplish this goal, new students with the highest developmental need will be prioritized for assignment to on-campus housing in UT residence halls.

Rationale for New Housing Philosophy

While every effort is made to accommodate all new and returning students who request housing, beginning in Fall 2016 new UT students will receive priority for on-campus residential assignments. Research in student development and our own experiences indicate that an on-campus residential environment best supports first-year student transition from high school and a family living environment to more independent living and study at a university. On-campus residential living for new students will ease student transition to the UT environment and provide significant support by recognizing the inherent challenges of heightened academic rigor and increased independence in the first year of college. Second-year students often need the stability of campus residential life to support their continued academic and social development. As students become more independent into their junior and senior years, many look forward to transitioning to living off-campus. In recognition of this developmental progression, the number of on-campus spaces for upper-class continuing students will be limited. However, through junior and senior year, most students, who desire to live on campus, will be able to live on campus in one of five upper-class residence halls or the Barrymore Hotel. To support those upper-class and graduate students who will be living off campus, an off-campus housing program has been developed that provides information, resources and education for a successful transition to off-campus living.

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