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Vaughn Center

The nine-story Vaughn Center is a multi-purpose facility that serves as the hub of student life and activity on The University of Tampa campus.

On the first and second floor, the Vaughn Center houses a variety of campus offices including Residence Life, Orientation and Family Engagement, Student Conduct, Student Leadership and Engagement, Dining Services and the Spartan Card office. Additionally, there are multiple dining venues, the campus bookstore, Spartan Lounge, a computer lab, and a variety of student organization offices and meeting spaces.

The third through eighth floors are used for student residence. Living arrangements include suites with double or triple rooms that share a bathroom. Students who live in the Vaughn Center use a proximity card for elevator access to their individual floors.

Lastly, the ninth floor serves as a conference center and provides a spectacular view of the campus, Hillsborough River, downtown Tampa and Tampa Bay. The ninth floor is designed for audio-visual presentations, meetings and dining for special events and conferences.

Vaughn Center Information Desk

The Vaughn Center Information Desk, located on the first floor, serves as a hub for general campus services information, residential loan key checkouts, small item lost and found, and special deliveries.

Residential students that are locked out of their assigned room can check out a loan key for 24 hours. If a loan key is not returned within 24 hours, there is a $5 per day fee (up to 14 days). Failure to return a loan key after 14 days will result in an immediate lock change at the student’s expense. Residential students may check out a loan key up to 3 times per semester. Each additional checkout (after 3) is assessed a $5 fee.

There is a charge of $100 to change the lock and $15 for each new key. Key replacement prices vary depending on which key was lost and if a loan key replacement is needed. The total amount will be billed to the resident's student account. Students who fail to comply with the above policies may be charged for a lost key/lock change.

All special deliveries (flowers, cakes, etc.) not delivered by a carrier (UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL) will be directed to the Vaughn Center Information Desk. Special deliveries will be held at the Vaughn Center Information Desk for up to 72 hours after delivery. The Vaughn Center Information Desk will notify students directly via their Spartan email that a package has been delivered for them. Students will then have 72 hours to pick up their delivery with proof of identification. Perishable items can only be held for 24 hours. Items not picked up in the allotted time frame will be discarded. The Vaughn Center Information Desk is not responsible for any packages discarded after the allotted time frames.

The Vaughn Center Information Desk lost and found is limited to small items. The only items that are held at the desk are keys, wallets, Spartan IDs and miscellaneous jewelry. Larger and more valuable items will be referred to Campus Safety or the Vaughn building manager desk (located in the Spartan Club on the second floor of Vaughn). The Vaughn Center Information Desk is not responsible for lost or damaged items.

Contact Information

To contact the Vaughn Center Information Desk please dial (813) 257-3515. A staff member is on duty and present during normal hours of operation.

Mission Statement

The Vaughn Center shall serve as the entity that houses the true spirit of campus life by striving to provide:

A safe, comfortable and caring environment for social and intellectual growth;
Amenities to serve the ever-changing needs of campus;
Efficient and courteous service to students, faculty, staff, alumni and guests, and
Leadership opportunities through involvement and student employment.

The Vaughn Center will endure as a home where ideas are shared, friendships are created and memories are made.