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All students are to conduct themselves with integrity and in accordance with the Obligations of Membership in the University community. Students as a condition of admission, agrees to abide by all University regulations contained in the University catalog, student handbook, other University publications and notices placed on official University bulletin boards.

Students are also expected to abide by local, state and federal laws.

The University of Tampa has established only those regulations that are considered necessary to preserve and maintain an environment conducive to learning, to ensure the safety and welfare of members of the University community, to encourage students in the development and practice of good citizenship and self-discipline and to protect property and equipment of the University. Only with the full cooperation of all concerned can the aims, purpose and goals of the University be fully realized.

The University assumes its students will conduct themselves as responsible citizens and will comply with all regulations. The University, therefore, reserves the right to dismiss any student whose conduct on or off campus is unbecoming to a University of Tampa student or reflects discredit on the institution.

The University recognizes that all violations of University Regulations documented in a student's judicial file are considered part of that student's educational record. As such, the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 that provides for confidentiality of students’ educational records protects these files and their contents. This confidentiality allows only persons who meet appropriate disclosure regulations to have access to these records. For more information regarding FERPA as it relates to judicial documents, contact the Office of Judicial Affairs.