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Room Change Process

Each year after move-in, the Office Residence Life staff verifies that all students have moved into their assigned spaces. All room change requests are on hold until these checks are complete, which is typically two to three weeks into each semester. After the team has confirmed vacant rooms, these spaces are offered to students during the room change process.

Throughout the academic year, there are several opportunities for students to request a room change. These include:

The Pull-in and Swap Process

The Pull-in and Swap process starts two weeks into each semester and is intended for students who currently have a vacancy in their room/apartment or wish to change places with a student interested in changing rooms. This process allows students to pull friends into empty spaces before the rooms are offered to the general student population. Students must know of an available vacancy or swap partner to participate in this process. To request a Pull-in or Swap during the process period, students must:

  • Complete the Pull-in and Swap form on Residence by Symplicity. Students who wish to move and the current students who want to pull them into the space/swap must each fill out their own form to indicate the request.
  • If the space is available, all request forms are submitted on time, and if the student is eligible for the space they are requesting, the room change will be approved. During the second week of classes, approvals will be emailed out with additional information on how to complete the move.
  • Please note that rooms must be verified as vacant, and all roommates must authorize the change for this process to be completed.
  • If a room is still assigned to a current resident, or the resident has not officially moved out yet, the room is not available for a room change.

The Open Room Change Process

After the Pull-in and Swap process concludes, the Open Room Change process will begin. This process is for students who do not have a specific room in mind but wish to change rooms. The Open Room Change process typically lasts three to four days. Participating students will attend an event or make an appointment to review empty spaces with the Housing Administration team. Students will be emailed additional instructions prior to the start of the event. Room changes are offered based on availability and because of this, we encourage students to consider many options and be flexible with their choices. The more flexible students are with their preferences, the higher the likelihood that there will be available spaces. During the process, students will select a room. They must begin their move the following business day.

The Room Change Waiting List Process

At the conclusion of the Open Room Change Process, students are required to participate in a roommate mediation before a room change is granted. Residence Life staff are trained to review roommate agreement forms, discuss living habits and help students come to a consensus on how they would like to improve their relationships with their roommates. Students requesting a room change must meet with their Resident Assistant and/or Area Coordinators (AC) to initiate this process.

If the Area Coordinator determines that a room change would be the best course of action for the student, they will refer the student to the Room Change Waiting List. Students are then expected to fill out the Room Change Waiting List form. Students are encouraged to consider a variety of room types/options to have the best opportunity to move.

The Room Change Waiting List is reviewed on a weekly basis and offers are made via Spartan email accounts. One room option will be given to the student along with the names and emails of the students who live in that space. Students have 48 hours to make a decision on whether they accept the move or not.

  • If the student declines the offered room, they will remain in their current room, and can request to stay on the waiting list to be considered for other rooms in the future. The student will be moved to the end of the list and will be considered again after all the new requests have been reviewed.
  • If the student does not respond to the offer by the provided deadline, the request will be rescinded, and the room change request will be rejected. Additional offers will not be made. If the student wishes to move again in the future, they will need to restart the process by reaching out to the Area Coordinator of their community.
  • If the student accepts the offer, they will be sent instructions via email on how to complete their move. Students will not receive any other offers after their waiting list room is approved. If the student would like to seek a new room change after being moved, they will need to start the process over again by making an appointment with their Resident Assistant or Area Coordinator.