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Fees for damages occurring in residence halls are charged to the responsible individual or group. When this is not possible, all residents of the hall or floor become collectively responsible for the costs involved. Fees may include replacement cost, labor cost, and/or charges to deter damage. Damage bills are assessed to student accounts when noted by staff, including during health checks, room changes, and at the end of each semester when residence halls close.

All rooms are re-inspected after they are vacated and all students have checked out. There may be other charges and/or disciplinary action taken for damage to the room or its contents and missing items not noted on initial inspection. Students may not repair any damages done to their rooms or apartments.

Some of these costs may be adjusted depending on the cost of replacement, labor and/or intentional damage.

Damage Cost
Improper Check Out $50
Room Cleaning/Trash Disposal Up to $2000
Lost Keys $150
Damaged or Missing Furniture Cost of replacement +$100 labor
Paint Up to $1000
Wall Damage (removing stickers, LED lights, wall clings, etc.) Minimum of $250 per wall
Replace Window Pane(s) Cost of replacement +$50 labor
Repair/Replace Doors Up to $1200
Replace Blinds $200
Replace Ceiling Tile $50 per tile
Carpet Cleaning $100
Replace Door Peephole $25
Replace Signs/Artwork Cost of replacement
Replace Cabinet/Dresser/Wardrobe Doors Cost of replacement +$50 labor

Students are responsible for restitution of any damage to personal property, facilities or grounds owned by the University. Students are billed for damages to their rooms or its contents and for lock changes because of lost or stolen keys. They will be billed for cleaning if the room is left in an unacceptable condition. Damages occurring in the common areas of the residence halls are charged to the individual or group responsible when it can be determined. When this is not possible, all students of the hall or floor will become collectively responsible for the costs involved.

Damages will be posted to student accounts at the end of each semester. Students will be notified of damages and the criteria and process for appeals via their Spartan email. 

Please visit Campus Living Policies for additional information.