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Students Jumping

"Some succeed because they are destined to, but most succeed because they are determined to!"
                                                                                                             ~ Henry Van Dyke (author)              


Student Transition and Persistence was created to provide leadership and support to students, faculty and staff in the quest for student success and persistence.


Student Transition and Persistence endeavors to create a community that allows all students to feel included, supported and informed in their pursuit of collegiate success.


    • Communication: Create and improve the quality and frequency of campus communications to help students better understand their role in University processes.
    • Campus Initiatives: Generate conversations regarding campus-wide student success plans and other initiatives designed to enhance the student experience. 
    • Community: Collaborate with other offices to create programs that enhance self-awareness and community development, such as the Strengths®-based education program.
    • Special Populations: Facilitate grant- and University-funded programs that provide financial and programmatic support for first generation, underrepresented and/or “at-risk” student populations, including the Success Scholars program.
    • Student Advocacy: Provide support and guidance for students who have challenges with navigating University processes, policies or procedures.
    • Early Alerts: Develop initiatives to identify and provide early intervention to students who exhibit behaviors which could interfere with academic success.