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Why choose the UT marketing program?

The University of Tampa's Master of Science in Marketing is a contemporary, flexible program that allows graduate students to specialize their course of study and build their marketing portfolio through hands-on, real-world research and consulting experiences.

The program is located on an urban campus in the heart of the Tampa Bay area's flourishing business, tech and entrepreneurial community.

Program graduates use their degrees to launch careers in marketing or as catalysts for career change or advancement.

What makes it unique and valuable?

  1. The program is constantly being updated to offer a contemporary, cutting-edge marketing curriculum.
    • It was recently updated to reflect greater emphasis on marketing strategy, social-digital media, analytics and professional sales.
  2. It is a flexible program with a strong core and multiple paths for individual focus and specialization.
    • The program can be completed within one year or longer as needed.
  3. The program is rich in  hands-on, real-world experiences.
    • We have close ties and interactions with local companies, nonprofits and entrepreneurs.
    • Students have opportunities to collaborate with professors on research and business projects.
  4. There is a global emphasis within the curriculum and an international student body.
  5. The program offers an urban campus experience, in the center of the Tampa Bay area's metropolitan center and business sector.

Who is the program designed for?

  • People with business degrees who want advanced training in marketing.
  • People without business degrees who want to switch careers into marketing.
  • People in management-track roles who want to get promoted quickly within their organization.
  • People who are launching new products or ventures.

What are the benefits of the program?

  • Graduates can strengthen their qualifications to compete for employment opportunities and enter into a new marketing career.
  • Graduates can develop and specialize in current marketing topics to seek a change or promotion within a marketing career path.
  • In either case, students begin to build their marketing portfolio while in the program by collaborating with professors on research or consulting to local businesses through course projects, independent studies, internships and special projects.

4+1 M.S. in Marketing Option

Qualified undergraduate marketing students may apply for enrollment in the accelerated B.S./M.S. program, earning both degrees in five years of study.

Program Details