Residence halls offer many opportunities to enjoy rich experiences while developing leadership skills. Through the hall councils and the Residence Hall Association, student residents can become more involved with their peers and with campus-wide decisions.

Students working in paraprofessional positions, such as resident assistants, are vital to the residence hall program and provide great services to their fellow residents. Students on college work study can become a desk assistant for their building or another building on campus.

For more information, contact the Office of Residence Life at or (813) 253-6239.


Resident Assistants (RAs) serve the University community as programmers, community builders, policy enforcers and liaisons between the student body and the Office of Residence Life. The RA, under direction and supervision of the area coordinator (AC) or assistant director (AD) works to develop and maintain an environment conducive to the residents' health, safety and welfare, and in which students can best meet their academic responsibilities.

Applicants must have:
  • Been enrolled at The University of Tampa as a full-time student for one year prior to the beginning of employment period
  • Minimum 2.6 semester and cumulative GPA at the time of application, and maintenance of a 2.6 GPA thereafter for undergraduate candidates
  • Minimum 3.0 semester and cumulative GPA at the time of application, and maintenance of a 3.0 thereafter for graduate candidates
  • Satisfactory conduct record  
To apply, visit Engage and search for “Resident Assistant Application.” 

Desk Assistants (DAs) staff the main desk area of each residence hall. These are college work-study students who answer phones, take messages, answer questions and perform other related duties as directed by the head resident and/or area coordinator. DAs also check out materials to residents from the desk area, such as vacuum cleaners, recreational equipment, and act as liaisons to the building supervisor and resident assistants during operating hours.

Information Desk Attendants (IDA) provide knowledge about University services and events to the campus community and guests of The University of Tampa. IDAs are responsible for providing excellent customer service 24 hours a day while managing the daily operations of the Vaughn Center information desk including the distribution of loan keys and logging packages. 


Hall Councils develop, plan and implement various activities; educational and cultural programs, intramural events, dances, movie nights, picnics, formal and informal dinners, community service projects and more.

Hall councils provide a governmental structure for each residence hall. Each council provides opportunities to get involved with hall programs and issues. Each student who signs an agreement for University housing is a member of their respective hall council by virtue of his or her housing status.

All students are encouraged to attend and participate in the weekly meetings that determine policies, programs and events in their residence hall. Hall council members determine how their residence hall's allocated programming funds are to be used. They also represent their residents to the Residence Hall Association, the hall staff and the University community.

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) plans and coordinates programs and activities during the academic year. RHA also works closely with hall representatives to develop and implement policies that promote respect and acceptance of all students in the residence halls. Through their committees, RHA members are able to inform the UT community of residents' concerns. RHA meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. in the Brevard Community Room or you can contact this organization at You can also connect with RHA on Facebook, Instagram and Engage.

National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) The Minaret Chapter of the NRHH of The University of Tampa provides recognition for those top 1 percent of student leaders living in the residence halls. NRHH values outstanding service, recognition, commitment and provides important leadership in the advancement of the residence halls. Students can send emails to NRHH at or connect with us via FacebookInstagram and Engage