The University of Tampa is committed to fostering a learning environment that respects and values the dignity of all persons.

Diversity is explicitly reference in the student affairs mission statement:

Student Affairs at The University of Tampa educates and empowers students to be global citizens through experiential and diverse learning opportunities that reinforce the values of the Spartan Code and enrich the lives of others.

As a core value, we strive for this diversity by:

  • Create a learning environment that fosters dialogue and encourages and supports unique perspectives and values;
  • Recognize and address the needs of differing student populations; and
  • Offer programs and services that promote and demonstrate inclusion.
Diversity Leadership Taking the lead on diversity initiatives at UT... more » close »

Diversity Fellowship was formed to revolutionize the way the University confronts diversity on campus. Serving as both a student organization and a branch of the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement, the Diversity Fellowship is committed to promoting, appreciating and recognizing diversity on campus. More...

Spartan Sustained Dialogue Spartan Sustained Dialogue is a chapter of the National Dialogue Campus... more » close »

Spartan Sustained Dialogue is a chapter of the national Sustained Dialogue Campus Network. The focus is on educating the campus on social justice issues through dialogue on the “Big 8” social identities: sex and gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, ageism, socioeconomic status, ability and religion. Dialogues are hosted on campus throughout the semester addressing the Big 8 social identities. The Spartan Sustained Dialogue Retreat happens each year the weekend before classes resume in the spring.

Visit Live Well UT.

Dean of Students Diversity Advisory Group A forum for the Dean of Students and other administrators to hear directly... more » close »

The Dean of Students Diversity Advisory Group is a forum for the Dean of Students and other administrators to hear directly from students about their experiences to better advocate for a more inclusive learning environment that supports unique perspectives and values differences. More...

Diversity Celebration Series Various educational and entertaining programming opportunities for... more » close »

The Diversity Celebration Series consists of various educational and entertaining programming opportunities for University community members. The programs highlight the various aspects of the diversity that make up our eclectic campus community. More...

Race, Ethnicity, Gender and Sexuality Resources The University of Tampa accepts all individuals regardless of race, sex or... more » close »

Through our initiatives and student organizations we hope to offer an accepting, diverse and cultured experience to all of our students.

For a complete listing of the diversity organizations at UT, visit the Student Organization Directory.

LGBTQ+ Resources The University of Tampa strives to meet the needs of all students... more » close »

The University of Tampa strives to meet the needs of all students in order for them to have an educational and enriching experience. There are many resources that may assist those within the LGBTQ+ community. 

Learn more about LGBTQ+ Resources

Spiritual Resources The University of Tampa is an independent and nonsectarian institution... more » close »

The University of Tampa is an independent and nonsectarian institution; however, religious/spiritual beliefs and practices are highly respected and encouraged. All spiritual organizations and local places of worship follow The University of Tampa's Spiritual Agreement of Mutual Respect and Understanding. Learn more about spiritual life on campus.

The Sykes Chapel and Center for Faith and Values is a visual statement of The University of Tampa’s commitment to nurturing the development of character and values of its students. It is an inspiring setting for meditation and celebration of all faiths, enhancing the understanding of diversity, world cultures and religions, and improving religious literacy on campus are central to its mission.

For a complete listing of the student organizations that encourage spiritual practices and enlightenment, visit the Student Organization Directory. Some examples of these organizations include the following:

Better Together
Composed of students dedicated to interfaith cooperation on campus and in the greater community. Its purpose is to promote understanding and respect for diverse spiritual and nonspiritual beliefs by means of dialogue, education and advocacy.

Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU)
The University of Tampa’s Campus Crusade for Christ exists to provide each and every UT student with an environment to investigate God, explore the idea of having a personal relationship with Him, and grow in that relationship.

Chabad UT Jewish Student Union
The Chabad Jewish Student Union exists to serve as a social, cultural, religious and educational organization to promote and support Jewish awareness at the University of Tampa.

Catholic Student Organization
The Catholic Student Organization's purpose is to bring together and enrich the experience of Catholic students and the student body as a whole by providing an opportunity to enrich our lives through faith, social and community service events.

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship
Intervarsity exists to be a multi-ethnic, Jesus-centered, witnessing community that is desiring to give students at UT a chance to grow spiritually and live out the faith.

LaFe (Latino Fellowship)
LaFe is committed to developing Latino leaders who serve the campus community with the love of Jesus Christ as they explore God, faith and the experiences of our people.

Muslim Student Association
The MSA a platform to educate the UT community about Islamic values, connect more effectively with the society, contribute to the common good and be an effective voice of the Islamic values of love, social justice and compassion.

Cultural Resources Students are encouraged to take advantage of the diverse learning... more » close »

Students are encouraged to take advantage of the diverse learning environment that The University of Tampa has to offer. Opportunities to engage in a variety of cultural experiences are everywhere. Students can get involved in cultural student organizations, spiritual life experiences, Diversity Fellowship programs, as well as exciting opportunities out of the Office of International Programs such as education abroad.

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For more information please contact Erika Buckley, associate director of leadership and diversity education, at or (813) 257-3268.

To contact the Bias Education Resource Team, please call Sabrina Griffith, chair of the team, at or (813) 257-3564.