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These are the various educational and entertaining programming opportunities for University community members. The programs highlight the aspects of the diversity and inclusion that make up our multifaceted campus community.

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Calendar of Events

Signature Events

MLK DEI Teach-In

Launched in January 2023, the MLK DEI Teach-in is an annual event to assess who we are as a UT community and how we engage regarding diversity, equity and inclusion. 

De-stereotype Me Day

Held twice a year, De-Stereotype Me Day is hosted by Spartan Sustained Dialogue. This event facilitates a dialogue on campus and brings attention to stereotypes that have a negative impact on our campus community. This event includes an activity where students, faculty and staff are asked to write a stereotype on a t-shirt, as well as how they 'break' that stereotype, for peers to read and consider the impacts.

Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month

The UT celebration of Latinx/Hispanic Heritage, held during federally recognized Hispanic Heritage Month, has included cultural delicacies, music, dancing, information about the history of identity and heritage, challenges and contributions in society, and details on our Hispanic/Latino community members. Outside community member participation is encouraged and has included the local Latin radio station and the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

The Coming Out Chronicles

This annual event is held by UTampa Pride, which allows LGBTQIA+ communities a supportive space to share their coming out stories or even come out for the first time.

Energii Wellness Expo

Held twice a year, Live Well UT’s signature event showcases all of Live Well UT’s initiatives, as well as its health and wellness-focused community partners.

International Education Week

The Office of International Programs and the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement come together with student organizations to celebrate this internationally recognized week. This week highlights the identities of communities locally and internationally, bringing together various groups. We encourage and create opportunities to bring together and recognize the beauty that culture has to offer.

Inclusive Leadership Training

The Inclusive Leadership Training is a unique opportunity offered by Spartans Sustained Dialogue for students, faculty and staff to learn about the big 10 social identities including race, gender, sexual orientation, religion and socioeconomic status. This moderator training, which ise run by Sustained Dialogue headquarters staff, provides an introduction to facilitating conversations about those identities.

Gratitude Banquet

Students, faculty and staff join Better Together and Sustained Dialogue as they celebrate gratitude through different cultural lenses.

Interfaith Graduation Celebration

At the end of each semester, Better Together celebrates UT graduates through different faith and non-faith traditions.

Spartan Sustained Dialogue Retreat

The Spartan Sustained Dialogue Retreat is an off-campus college retreat program designed to explore leadership, identity and inclusion in our student body. Created by the Sustained Dialogue Campus Network (SDCN), the immersive retreat discusses ideas of power structures in race, religion, sexuality, gender, religion, class and more. The intimate experience connects students to thoughts and ideas that they wouldn’t necessarily be aware of due to unseen privilege in our society.

Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year is a celebration recognizing the various Asian celebrations that mark the new year based on the lunar calendar. Students are encouraged to collaborate with the diversity and inclusion groups within the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement and Office of International Programs to create programming which varies year to year.

Black History Month

Every year during Black History Month, the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement collaborates with our student organizations to invite students and staff to a luncheon as an opportunity to build relationships and hear from empowering black inspirational speakers.

Interfaith Retreat

Each spring, Better Together and students interested in exploring different faiths and values spend a weekend off-campus at a retreat exploring faith and values.

Diversity Week

Each spring semester, student organizations collaborate with each other and various departments across the campus to create Diversity Week. The five-day celebration features a multitude of programs that highlight the rich diversity of the campus and the world around us and encourage inclusive interactions. 

Drag Show

UTampa Pride's annual Drag Show showcases live performances from drag performers, dancers, singers and the like with various other activities such as lip-sync battles.

Wall of Oppression

Each spring semester, students construct a wall in Vaughn Courtyard that stands for five days. The wall is made from bricks that students have painted on; each brick displays a word or phrase the student finds offensive or oppressive. At the end of the week, students pull down the wall to symbolize ending oppression within the campus community.

Diversity Conference

The conference is held off-campus and includes conference-style presentations around the various topics of diversity prevalent in our campus community. Participants are provided transportation to and from the location, meals and lodging during the stay. Students must apply to attend the conference annually. A number of spots are reserved for diversity and inclusion participating groups.


Ever go on a Color Run? Come learn about Holi, the Hindu Indian "festival of spring," the "festival of colors/colours," or the "festival of love" that color runs appropriated. The festival, still celebrated today around the world, signifies the victory of good over evil, the start of spring and love. It begins on the evening of the (full moon) Purnima in the Vikram Samvat Hindu calendar, in the month of Phalguna.

For more information please contact or (813) 257-3268. For general information or assistance, contact the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement located in the Vaughn Center, Room 215, at (813) 253-6233.