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The Office of Student Leadership and Engagement (OSLE) employees are an integral part of the leadership program. Approximately 100 students work for OSLE. Positions range from information desk attendants to PEACE volunteer coordinators. With a variety of positions available, students can learn new skills and develop leadership abilities.

For more information about open positions and the application process, visit the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement located in Vaughn Center room 215. To be considered for employment, applications should include a cover letter, resume and OSLE application. Currently, there are only a few open positions available. Please visit our office or call (813) 253-6233 for an update on open positions.

Employment Opportunities Typically Available

Information Desk Attendants

The role of Information Desk Attendant (IDA) is to provide University knowledge and services to the campus community and guests of The University of Tampa. The IDA carries out the daily responsibilities of customer service and daily operations in order to make sure the Vaughn Center is a symbol of the University's commitment customer pride and service.

The responsibilities of the Information Desk Attendants are:
  1. Gather, organize and provide information on The University of Tampa including activities, services, directions, etc. to the campus community and guests.
  2. Supervise the building when professional staff are not available.
  3. Inspect and setup rooms correctly.
  4. Be accessible to customers and event sponsors at all times.
  5. Greet individuals who have reserved any Vaughn Center facility at scheduled times.
  6. Manage all postings in the Vaughn Center.
  7. Support all operations areas of the Vaughn Center and Office of Student Leadership and Engagement including 24-hour information desk, Spartan Club, Laser Team and McNiff Fitness Center. 

LASER Team Drivers

The job of the LASER Team is to provide a secure and safe campus environment for students, staff and faculty on campus at night by providing escorts and patrolling the campus. The LASER Team also acts as an educating group for students of the University community.   
The responsibilities of the LASER Team Drivers are:
  1. Serve as an on-campus escort for the campus community to ensure safety to their destination.
  2. Help support campus security by upholding all policies and procedures.
  3. Help create a secure and safe environment for the campus community.
  4. Provide assistance by driving members of the campus community to their points of destination.

PEACE Volunteer Coordinators

Assist students in identifying volunteer opportunities in the Tampa Bay area and plan volunteer events for UT faculty, staff and students. PEACE (People Exploring Active Community Experience) also sponsors volunteer events for the campus community. More than 250 nonprofit agencies are registered with PEACE, which documented more than 24,000 community/campus service hours performed by the UT community last academic year. 

Spartan Mentors

Get paid to tutor children in various subjects at Academy Prep. Some training is required as well as transportation to the school. Great for education students or anyone who would like to make a difference in the life of a child.  

Vaughn Center Building Managers

The Building Manager is responsible for all operational duties of the Vaughn Center including but not limited to catering to the needs of events being held in the building, safety of the building and maintaining the student focused environment of the building.
The responsibilities of the Building Managers are: 
  1. Set-up and break down tables and chairs for events held in the Vaughn Center
  2. Enforce Vaughn Center policies including the posting policy
  3. Supervise the Information Desk Attendant and LASER Team Driver on duty
  4. Support the Vaughn Center mission by maintaining a clean, safe and student centered environment  

Employee Benefits

Working in the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement is a great way to help pay for school or earn extra income. Job hours are flexible with positions available for all hours and days. OSLE is proud to add the student Employee of the Year Award to be announced at the annual Leadership Awards Night.

How to Apply

Candidates must be full-time students enrolled in a degree program and demonstrate a commitment to working well with others, good communication skills and willingness to be a team player. Please download the OSLE application, or pick up an application in the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement, located in Vaughn Center 215. All applicants must turn in a cover letter, resume and OSLE application.

Salary information and applications may be obtained in the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement. For more information, please contact OSLE at (813) 253-6233 or