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More than 1,700 students are employed on campus each year. Almost every campus department hires students, who are funded through the Federal Work-Study Program, the Florida Work Experience Program, the Success Scholars Program, by faculty research grants or directly by The University of Tampa departments. In addition, 400+ off-campus student jobs are advertised each year by local employers through the Office of Career Services. UT's convenient downtown location and the area's many tourist attractions help provide students with a variety of job opportunities.

Available to UT students only, off-campus part-time, full-time and internship positions are posted on Handshake, UT's online career resource website. New students receive access to Handshake in the weeks prior to the start of classes. International students are restricted to on-campus employment and opportunities that qualify as curricular practical training.

Students seeking on-campus jobs and internships should search on Workday.

Federal Work-Study: Eligibility is based on need (determined by the FAFSA) and is awarded to full-time undergraduate students as part of their financial aid package. Work-study funds do not appear on student accounts, because the students earn a paycheck for hours worked. Once awarded, students are responsible for acquiring a job and earning the funds.

Florida Work Experience Program (FWEP): FWEP provides undergraduate Florida residents with work experience to complement and reinforce education and career goals. Students qualify based on need (determined by the FAFSA). Proof of residency is required. FWEP funds do not appear on student accounts because students earn a paycheck for hours worked. 

Success Scholars Work-Study Program: Eligibility is based on financial need (determined by the FAFSA), academic major, grade level and status as a minority and/or first-generation student in college. Work-Study funds will not reduce the balance due on your tuition bill; students earn a paycheck for hours worked. Once awarded, students are responsible for acquiring a job and earning the funds. The Office of Student Success will reach out to students for placement in Success Scholars Work-Study positions in the weeks prior to the start of classes.  

Current On-Campus Job Opportunities

Here are just a few examples of student job opportunities on campus:

  • Upper-class students are hired by the First Year Program as Gateways Mentors.
  • Residence Life hires more than 150 student resident hall and desk assistants each year.
  • IT hires more than 50 computer lab assistants each year.
  • The Academic Center for Excellence and Saunders Writing Center hire tutors.
  • The Office of Admissions hires public relations assistants and tour guides.
  • The Office of Public Information and Publications hires social media interns, web designers, graphic designers and photographers.
  • The Office of Campus Recreation depends on many students during late afternoon and evening hours to assist in the many programs and services offered.
  • Media Services and the library also employ students to assist in daily operations.
  • Sixty percent of the students who participate in an internship are paid for their work.
  • Officers of Student Government and Student Productions receive grants (awarded through financial aid) for leadership in these organizations. Requires full-time enrollment.
  • The editors of the Minaret (campus newspaper), Moroccan (yearbook) and Neon (literary magazine) receive grants (awarded through financial aid) to manage key student-run publications. Requires full-time enrollment.