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Board Member Organization  
Edwin Bartlett JPMorgan Chase
Petar Besalev A-Lign
Douglas Birch Microsoft
Cindy Brown Pratt Brown & Associates
Donna Buckner Primescape Solutions, Inc.
James Buckner Gartner
Shafayet Imam Integrated Solutions Management, Inc.
Susan Jo Raymond James
Ryan Jordan Presidio
Frank Lento Cisco
Michael Mangum Centene
Scott Margolis EY
Mary McCoy Prism Plus Consulting
Andrew McIntyre Viking Sports Group
John Oakes Revenue Management Solutions
James Risler Cisco
Andy Swenson UPC Insurance
William Waas Information Technology Executive Exchange

Mission: Assist the faculty in developing, delivering and monitoring a high-quality educational program so that UT Management Information Systems (MIS) graduates are equipped with the critical skill sets required by employers in the Tampa Bay area as well as nationally and internationally.


  • Conduct periodic reviews of the MIS curricula
    • Exchange ideas with faculty on:
    • General industry trends
    • Information technology trends
    • Graduate/employee requirements for success as information system professionals in the areas of:
      • Skills
      • Knowledge
      • Abilities
  • Recommend actions impacting future MIS modifications in the areas of:
    • Overall curriculum design
    • Design of specific courses
    • Adoption or discontinuation of specific information system tools and methodologies
    • Program accreditation
    • Internships and employment opportunities
  • Participate with faculty in selected research and curricular development activities

Member Selection: Advisory board members are volunteer executives from across the Tampa Bay area selected by the ITM department chair. Advisory board members may be recommended by other board members, the faculty or dean. Members will be selected to represent a cross section of organizations by both type and size. Board members will have either significant experience leading information systems organizations or significant experience recruiting and staffing information system positions, both of which give the member unique perspectives on departmental programs.

Industry Partnership

The ITM faculty has established a partnership with local and national industry leaders which has enabled us to:

  • Interface with local IT executives on current trends and their business needs
  • Participate in the Tampa Bay Technology Forum (TBTF) as an active member. TBTF is a membership organization of the leading technology companies in the region with hundreds of member companies representing numerous industries and thousands of local employees.
  • Participate on the Board of Directors of the Tampa Bay Technology Leadership Association (TBTLA)
  • Interact directly with companies and organizations that use the SAP enterprise system through our partnership with the Florida Chapter of America's SAP User Group (ASUG)
  • Discuss curricular issues and approaches on how to meet the demands of changing information technologies and methods
  • Provide a formal mechanism for students to interact with IT industry leaders
  • Provide access to systems and curricular materials through programs such as the SAP University Alliance, Microsoft Academic Alliance, Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance and IBM Academic Initiative

Our industry partners:

  • Provide members for the MIS Advisory Board
  • Provide speakers for student groups
  • Provide access to internships facilitated through UT’s Career Services
  • Provide access to full-time employment facilitated through UT’s Career Services
  • Provide for joint student-expert presentations to industry groups that showcase the capabilities of students in the program