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Research Innovation and Scholarly Excellence (RISE) funds provide financial support for professional development projects that clearly contribute to faculty members’ excellence as scholars, and therefore, more informed teachers. This competitive grant program is available to full-time faculty, and projects must result in scholarly output appropriate for the faculty member’s field. This grant program is made possible by contributions from three funding sources: (1) University of Tampa money allocated for funding in recognition of David Delo, who served as President of The University of Tampa from 1958 to 1971; (2) the Dana Foundation; and (3) the University of Tampa Alumni Association.

Professional Development Awards (PDAs) promote the intellectual growth of full-time faculty. This competitive program supports a one-course offload per award for faculty members so they may pursue the advancement of their professional intellectual development.

2024-2025 RISE and PDA Awards Request for Proposals

2023-2024 Research Innovation and Scholarly Excellence (RISE) Awards