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The Bachelor of Arts in Music degree at UT provides a solid foundation in musicianship, as well fundamental studies in music performance. As a liberal arts degree program, the music major provides students with options for choosing elective course work that fits their personal interests, or to double major in music and another course of study. Music majors at UT who are interested in music production, electronic music and/or composition can choose elective course work that aligns with their professional interests and career objectives. The music major is a good option for students who would like to pursue post-secondary level music studies and explore different career paths in music. 

Topics of Study

  • electives related to area of interest (e.g., composition)
  • music theory and aural skills
  • music literature, music history, world music
  • music performance through private study and ensembles
  • sound recording, editing and technology

Audition Requirements 

See  audition requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Music.

Audition Information

Students desiring to major or minor in music must successfully audition for acceptance into the Department of Music.

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