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The following FAQ list is intended for incoming transfer students to The University of Tampa. The Office of Admissions determines if a student is a freshman or transfer student at the time of a student’s admission.

Transfer students will be able to register themselves for courses through Workday, UT’s student information system. Transfer students will have registration holds placed on their accounts; students must successfully complete a series of modules in order to have this hold lifted. These modules will teach them about Spartan Studies (UT’s general education requirements), how to look up their major requirements, how to look up their transfer credits and how to use Workday to register.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions from transfer students regarding their first semester at UT.

UT’s Degree Requirements

Transfer Credit and Transcripts

Registering for Classes

Academic Advisors

Academic Planning

UT’s Degree Requirements

Does the University of Tampa have general education requirements?
Yes, all UT undergraduates must satisfy Spartan Studies, UT’s general education requirements. There is detailed information about Spartan Studies in UT’s online catalog.

How many credits do students need to graduate?
Students must complete a minimum of 124 credit hours in order to graduate. However, some limited-access programs, such as nursing, require the completion of 125 credits. Students may end up completing more than 124 credits in order to meet the requirements for their major.

Will any of a student’s requirements be waived?
Students transferring with an Associate of Arts degree from a Florida College System school with a minimum of 60 transfer credits will have Spartan Studies requirements waived with the exception of UTAMPA 104 for active or retired military personnel. Active military personnel and military veterans must take UTAMPA 104, even if they completed an Associate of Arts degree at a Florida College System school.

Do transfer students need to take UTAMPA 103/104?
Transfer students are required to take UTAMPA 103, Becoming a Spartan for Transfer Students. This is a two-credit course.

Veterans, which include active or retired military personnel (not their dependents), must take UTAMPA 104, Becoming a Spartan for Military Veterans.

Transfer Credit and Transcripts

How do students know how their credits transferred?
Students can view how their credits transferred to UT by logging in to Workday, clicking on the cloud icon in the upper-right-hand corner and selecting “View My Profile” — “Academics” — “Transfer Credit.” The transfer credit page will show all transfer credits awarded and how they transferred.

At my previous institution, my courses were worth 3 credits each. Most of UT’s courses are worth 4 credits each. Will my courses from my previous institution transfer in as 3 or 4 credits?
If students take courses worth three credits at their previous institution, they will transfer as three credits. This may lead to a credit deficit, particularly in the major, so students should discuss the minimum number of credits needed for their major with their faculty advisor.

While credit hours are noted for each course in Spartan Studies, for transfer purposes, approved courses will meet the corresponding requirements. A minimum of 40 credits that meet Spartan Studies requirements must be earned. Any course that meets Spartan Studies requirements can be used to meet the minimum credit hour requirement.

Do students need to submit their AP and/or IB scores if they are on their previous college transcripts?
Yes. Even though AP scores may be on previous college transcripts, The University of Tampa needs an official copy of scores from College Board in order to award credit. Credit is earned for scores of 3 and higher.

The same principle applies to IB (International Baccalaureate) credit. IB credit is earned for scores of 4 or higher.

If students have other transcripts they need to submit, how can they do that?
At most colleges and universities, the Registrar handles requests for official transcripts. Students should contact the Registrar at their previous institution to request that an official transcript be sent to UT.

The Office of Admissions handles the processing and evaluation of transcripts. Students can have their previous institution electronically send transcripts to If that institution does not send official, electronic copies of transcripts, they can mail transcripts to the following address:

Office of Admissions
The University of Tampa
401 W. Kennedy Blvd., Box F
Tampa, FL 33606-1490

Registering for Classes

I can’t register for courses because I have a hold on my account. Where do I check holds, and how can I have them removed?
Students can see what holds they have on their account by logging in to Workday and clicking the “Academics” chiclet. Holds will be listed in the middle of the “Academics” page.

My Hold section in Workday

Under “Resolution Instructions,” students can see who they need to contact and/or what they need to do to have the hold lifted. If students have the “Registration Clearance” hold on their account, they will need to complete the registration and academic planning modules before the hold can be lifted.

Please note that an academic advisor can only lift advising registration holds. Advisors cannot lift holds from other offices.

I completed the registration modules and had my registration clearance hold lifted, but now I have a “Financial Responsibility Hold” on my account. How do I have this hold removed?
Students can clear the “Financial Responsibility Hold” on their own. This hold is placed after students receive registration clearance. To clear the hold, click on the Inbox icon in the upper-right-hand corner of the screen in Workday. The Financial Responsibility Hold will be in the list of inbox items to complete. It will look like this:

Review Documents Section

Review the Financial Responsibility Statement PDF. After reviewing the PDF, click on the box next to “I Agree,” then click on the orange “Submit” button. This clears the Financial Responsibility Hold.

I want to sign up for a class that has pre-requisites, but I can’t because I took the pre-requisite at my previous school and I'm waiting for a final grade to post. How can I enroll in the class I want?
Students can submit a pre-requisite override request by contacting the Academic Advising Office via email. Requests must include the course number and section to be added (i.e., ECO 320-3). The transfer coordinator will review requests and enroll students into the course section so long as there is a record indicating that students are enrolled in pre-requisites currently or are waiting for final grades to post for the pre-requisites. Also students should be aware that the transfer coordinator can only enroll students into sections that are open (sections that have seats available). Students cannot be overloaded into a course that is waitlisted or full.

Pre-requisite override requests will be reviewed within 1-4 business days of being received. Students should check their Spartan email account for updates on their request.

Once I register, can I make changes to my schedule?
Yes. Students can add, drop and swap courses or sections of courses until the end of add/drop. 

How many credits should I take in my first semester at UT?
Students are considered full-time if they are registered for 12-18 credits during a fall or spring semester. New transfer students should aim to enroll in 15-17 credits for a fall or spring semester. New students (including transfer students) cannot enroll in more than 18 credits during their first semester, but they can enroll in up to 22 credit hours after completing their first semester with at least a 2.5 GPA.

I can no longer access Workday because I have a new phone/my account is connected to my international phone number. What should I do to regain access?
Contact Information Technology and Security (ITS) with questions related to accessing UT systems. Students may contact ITS by email at or by phone at (813) 253-6293.

Academic Advisors

Who is my academic advisor?
The transfer coordinator will be the academic advisor for incoming transfer students from matriculation through the first month of their first term. During the first month of an incoming transfer student's first term, students will be assigned to a faculty advisor in their major program. Students can always see their academic advisor of record by logging in to Workday, clicking on “Academics,” and selecting “View My Support Network.”

View My Support Network Section

Do students have to meet with an academic advisor before registering for classes?
Students do not need to meet with the transfer coordinator, but they can schedule an appointment with the coordinator if they would like additional assistance with reviewing transfer credits and determining what classes to take. The transfer coordinator will send information on how to schedule an appointment. Appointments are 30 minutes long.

How should I prepare for an advising appointment?
Advising appointments will be held via Zoom, so be sure to have a stable internet connection and a quiet place to talk. Please dress appropriately for appointments.

Students should take time before the appointment to review the degree requirements for their major and their transfer credit evaluation. Students should prepare questions about their transfer credit evaluation before the appointment.

Academic Planning

Can I double major?
Students can double major, but doing so may increase the amount of time it takes for students to graduate from The University of Tampa. Students should review the requirements for the two majors they wish to pursue, and they should take time now to map out how long pursuing both majors would take. If students would like assistance with planning a double major, they should schedule an appointment with the transfer coordinator.

How do I change my major?
Incoming transfer students can change their major by filling out and submitting this form.

Can I take CLEP exams to satisfy any of my requirements?
Yes, UT does accept CLEP credit. Please review this webpage to see CLEP credit equivalencies to UT courses. Please note that CLEP credit cannot be awarded for AWR 201, Writing and Research.

If students plan to take the CLEP exam while enrolled at UT, they should review the Transient Credit Request form, which is available on SpartanNet through MyUTampa. It is strongly advised that students submit the form prior to taking any courses at another institution or taking a CLEP test.

If students took CLEP exams in the past, they need to submit their scores to The University of Tampa to earn credit for them.

Can I take additional courses over the summer before starting at UT in the Fall?
Yes, students can take additional courses over the summer; however, a maximum of 64 credits may be transferred from regionally accredited two-year or community colleges.

Remember to send official transcripts with grades for summer courses to UT as soon as possible so that credit can be awarded.

How will UT determine my math placement?
Math placement will be based on a student’s transfer credits or SAT/ACT math scores. If students have no math transfer credit and no ACT/SAT math scores, they will be eligible for MAT 160 (College Algebra) or MAT 155 (Finite Math for Liberal Arts) depending on their major.