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The University of Tampa welcomes students from a variety of backgrounds and learning experiences. Prior learning is evaluated by satisfactory results on any of the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) examinations administered through the College Board. Students meeting the minimum score and percentile listed below can earn credits for the equivalent UT course.

Up to 30 semester hours for successful performance on CLEP examinations may be granted.

  • High school students have the opportunity to gain full admission to the sophomore class by obtaining satisfactory scores on the CLEP
  • The CLEP measures the student's knowledge of English composition, social studies, humanities, general science, and mathematics
  • CLEP credit will NOT be awarded for Writing and Research (AWR 201)
  • Credit will not be granted to students who have previously earned credit at a more advanced level in that particular subject
  • Students attending professional schools must be aware that CLEP credits may NOT be acceptable to all professional schools
  • Students who are native speakers of non-English language MAY NOT receive CLEP credit in that language
  • Students must earn a minimum score of 50 on any exam to be eligible for credit

CLEP Credit Determination

Examinations  UT Course Name  Number  Credit 
Financial Accounting Business BUS TR 4
Information Systems and Computer Applications Business BUS TR 4
Introductory Business Law Business BUS TR 4
Principles of Macroeconomics Economics (also counts as social science) ECO TR 4
Principles of Microeconomics Economics ECO TR 4
Principles of Management Business BUS TR 4
Principles of Marketing Business BUS TR 4
Composition and Literature:
American Literature Literature Elective LIT TR 4
Analyzing and Interpreting Literature Literature Elective LIT TR 4
College Composition Writing and Inquiry AWR 101 4
College Composition Modular Writing and Inquiry AWR 101 4
English Literature Literature Elective LIT TR 4
Humanities Humanities Elective HUM TR 3
Foreign Language:
*French, Language   (minimum score of 62) Elementary French I (IG) FRE 101 4
  Elementary French II (IG) FRE 102 4
*German, Language   (minimum score of 63) Elementary German I (IG) GER 101 4
  Elementary German II (IG) GER 102 4
*Spanish, Language (minimum score of 66) Elementary Spanish I (IG) SPA 101 4
  Elementary Spanish II (IG) SPA 102 4
*Not for native speakers. Final assessment of foreign language credit determined by the Department of Languages.
History and Social Sciences:
American Government American Government PSC 101 4
Introduction to Educational Psychology Social Science Elective SSC TR 3
History of the U.S. I: Early Colonization to 1877 US to 1877 HIS 202 4
History of the US II: 1865-Present US since 1877 HIS 203 4
Human Growth & Development Development I: Child Psychology PSY TR 4
Introductory Psychology General Psychology PSY 101 4
Social Sciences and History Sociology Elective SOC TR 3
  History Elective HIS TR 3
Introduction to Sociology Intro to Sociology (NW-IG) SOC 100 4
*Western Civilization to 1648 History Elective (IG) HIS TR 4
*Western Civilization 1648-Present History Elective (IG) HIS TR 4
Science and Mathematics:
Biology General Biology I BIO 198/ 198L 4
Calculus Calculus I MAT 260 4
Chemistry General Chemistry I CHE 152/153L 4
College Algebra College Algebra MAT 160 4
College Mathematics Math for Liberal Arts MAT 155 4
Natural Sciences Biological Sci. – no lab BIO TR 3
  Physical Sci. – no lab PHY TR 3
Precalculus Precalculus MAT 170 4