Any information pertaining to the disability of a student remains confidential. Access to that information is given only to the associate director and director of Academic Excellence Programs, as well as the dean of Academic Services. When a student first applies for services, the associate director may refer the documentation to a qualified consultant to be advised on the best and most appropriate accommodations for a student, as well as to obtain more professional knowledge concerning a condition.
If a student needs access to documentation previously submitted to Student Disability Services, the student must make a request to the associate director. The associate director will consider the reason for the request (i.e. enrolling in another school) and make a decision on access.

Files will remain with the associate director for three years following the last enrollment date of the student. After that time, the associate director will destroy the documentation.
Questions concerning the confidentiality of disability-related information can be directed to the associate director of Academic Excellence Programs at (813) 257-3266 or