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How do I register with Student Accessibility Services?

Students who wish to register with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) must first submit an Accommodation Request. Once the accommodation request is submitted, SAS staff will reach out to the student to talk through their request. After chatting with SAS, students will need to supply us with documentation. Please view the Documentation Requirements page before submitting supporting documentation.
After the accommodation request is filled out, a conversation about the accommodations requested has occurred, and documentation has been submitted, SAS will send the student's file through to our eligibility determination committee, where we will determine the student's eligibility for services.

If approved for services, the student will be invited in to do the final "Welcome Appointment" where we will meet with the student to discuss how to utilize accommodations at The University of Tampa and how they work.  

Do I need to register with the office more than once?

Once you have gone through the process for receiving accommodations, generally, you do not need to do this process again. However, in order to maintain academic accommodations, you must request a new letter of accommodation each semester. You can do this by logging into your MyUTampa account and selecting Accommodate by Symplicity. In Accommodate, you can make a semester request to receive an updated letter of accommodation. Students registered with our office may make appointments as needed throughout the semester if they would like additional support.

If I register with a disability, will it be on my transcript?

No. Information regarding your disability and/or medical/mental health condition is not included on your transcript. For more information, go to the Confidentiality page.

What are typical academic accommodations?

Accommodations are determined based on the specific barriers you are facing on a case-by-case basis, as well as the documentation that you provide, your expressed needs, and our determination of what would be reasonable and appropriate. Go to the Academic Accommodations link for more information.

What do I do if I have a temporary disability such as a broken arm or leg?

If your temporary disability significantly impacts your ability to have equal access to our programs, you may choose to register with our office. You will need to provide documentation to our office and meet with a member of our staff to accomplish this. 

I need a tutor for my class. Does your office provide this?

You can find tutors for many subjects through Student Accessibility and Academic Support. Stop by the Academic Success Center, located on the 2nd floor of the Technology Building, for an up-to-date schedule of tutors and subjects. Depending on what subjects you need help in, you may also visit the Speech Center, Language Lab and Saunders Writing Center. Tutoring is a service provided to all students and is not considered a reasonable accommodation. 

I have an IEP from high school. Will this be enough documentation to register with your office?

The Individualized Education Plan (IEP) serves as a piece of documentation to determine eligibility for services and does not guarantee services at The University of Tampa. IEP's are not utilized in higher education, but rather, students have an accommodation plan. Please see our Documentation Requirements page for more information.

I have a mental health condition; are there any services for me?

Our office serves students with both visible and invisible disabilities, including mental health conditions. Based on how your mental health condition is impacting you, we may be able to assist you in areas where the impact extends to your academic or residential program. Documentation from a treating professional is needed to determine if you qualify for accommodations. Even if you don’t register with us, we encourage you to obtain support through the Health and Wellness Center and/or an outside agency.

In high school, someone helped me organize my homework/projects. Does your office do this?
SAS is not required to provide personalized assistance with homework or graded assignments. This is considered the student’s responsibility to manage and is not a reasonable accommodation. We do have an Academic Coaching program that students may find beneficial, through Student Accessibility and Academic Support. You also may be interested in taking an academic skills class taught by the staff of Student Accessibility and Academic Support. 
Do I have to take my exams/tests in the Testing Center?

The short answer is no. Alternative testing is a common accommodation, as many disabilities impact testing. We do provide testing in our office for students registered with a disability and/or medical/mental health condition and who have been approved for testing accommodations. Many students elect to take their tests in the Testing Center, as it is a distraction-reduced environment. If you wish to receive the testing accommodations that you have been approved for, you must take all exams/quizzes through the Testing Center. 

Are note-takers available as an accommodation through Student Accessibility Services?

Student Accessibility Services can provide a note-taker in some or all of your courses if you are approved for that accommodation. Please review our Note-Taker Accommodation Process and Policy for full details regarding this accommodation. 

How can I get copies of my documentation?

We strongly recommend you make a copy of your documentation prior to submitting it to our office, in case you need it in the future. If you submitted your documentation via Accommodate by Symplicity, you are able to access the files you uploaded at any time. You need to be familiar with what your documentation says so you can effectively communicate your needs. If you would like us to release any information, please contact the Director of Student Accessibility and Academic Support via email at