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Students may withdraw from a course up to four weeks before the end of a semester. No course withdrawals will be processed during the last four weeks of a semester. The last day to withdraw from a class is published in the academic calendar for each term.

Students may add 14-week courses on a space available basis through the first five days of the semester and may add seven-week courses through the first three days of the seven-week period. Students who believe it is necessary to add a course after these time periods should talk to an advisor in the Academic Advising Office (AAO) as soon as possible. Late adds are only approved through an appeal process and must be submitted by the third week of the term. 

How to Withdraw from a Course

  • If withdrawing from a course, please consult the most recent academic catalog for policies about the penalties for withdrawing from a course.
  • Obtain a withdrawal form in SpartanNet.
  • Complete the form and submit to the Registrar’s Office during the allowed time periods (see above).