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Where to find Academic Petitions/Appeals forms 

Academic Policies


  • Late add/drop requests – end of the third week of term
  • Late withdrawals (course and semester) – must be initiated by the 7th week of classes of the consecutive fall or spring term
  • Readmission from Dismissal: fall semester – June 1, spring semester – Jan. 2, summer term – April 1.

Required documentation based on request type:

  • Late Adds
  • Late drops
    • Petition form, personal statement, email from instructor verifying last day of attendance/participation
    • NOTE: Will not be approved under any circumstances if attended after add/drop deadline
  • Course section changes
    • Considered a late add and a late drop, see above for each and submit as one request
  • Late course withdrawal
  • Late semester withdrawal
    • Petition form, personal statement, supporting documentation (highly recommended)
  • Medical
    • Petition form, personal statement, supporting documentation/medical documentation form
  • Invasion of Senior Residency
    • Petition form, personal statement, transient credit request form with advisor approval
  • Credit Hour Overload
  • Extension of Incomplete
    • Petition form (indicate “other”), personal statement, email from instructor stating that extension is approved and proposed new deadline for completion of work
  • Credit Hour Adjustment
    • Petition form, personal statement, email from instructor approving adjustment
  • Other
    • Petition form, personal statement, supporting documentation, highly recommend contacting to let them know what you are requesting so they can inform you in advance of any additional documentation that may be required

What does the process look like?

  • Student submits completed petition with all required documentation to from their Spartan email address.
    • Petitions are reviewed by the Academic Petitions Committee and processed in the order in which they were received.
    • Average processing time is 10-14 business days. Processing time may be extended during peak times.
    • Student is contacted via Spartan email with any updates or decisions as they become available. Decision letter will outline the next steps based on the type of request being made.
  • Note: $30 late fee will be applied to your account for any approved schedule changes made after the add/drop deadline for the current semester. Additional tuition fees may apply.
  • Before you petition, it is your responsibility to understand any possible ramifications, financial, academic or otherwise.

Additional Info:

  • Academic petitions/appeals for graduate students and/or non-degree seeking students are handled by the Office of Graduate and Continuing Studies. Please reach out to them with any questions at
  • We cannot expedite requests; late adds are prioritized for the current term.
  • Attempted credit hours (withdrawn courses) still count towards your overall credits for the term and adding courses may result in additional tuition charges. Please contact the Bursar’s Office for any questions regarding tuition/fees.
  • Can I attend the course I am requesting to late add while my petition is being processed? No.
  • If a petition is not answered in a way that does not satisfy the student, they may advance an academic appeal to the Academic Appeals Committee. This requires:
  • The decision of the Academic Appeals Committee is considered final. If the student believes that procedural due process was not followed, he or she may request review by the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate, which will render a decision as to whether the Academic Appeals Committee afforded procedural due process to the student in its consideration of the appeal. More information can be found at