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How much does the ID card cost?
There is no charge for the first Spartan ID card. A replacement ID card will be a $20 charge to your account.

I paid for a replacement, but I just found my old card. Can I get a refund?
Once a new card has been made a refund cannot be administered. Destroy the old card as it can never be reactivated.

Do I need a new Spartan Card after every academic year?
No. The card is active for your entire stay here at the University. Do not throw your card away; otherwise, you will be charged the lost or stolen card fee.

My Spartan Card has the old design; do I need a new card?
No. The new Spartan Card doesn't stipulate a replacement of your current card. All present Spartan Cards will remain effective.

What do I do if my card is lost or stolen?
To obtain a Spartan Card, students must bring a government-issued photo ID such as a driver's license, military ID or passport to the Spartan Card Office. If you have filed an incident report with Campus Security or a police report, bring a copy of the report that lists your ID card as stolen. There will be no replacement fee charged.

How do I get into my room if my card is lost or doesn't work, and the Spartan Card Office is closed?
Campus Safety will issue a temporary access card to you, free of charge, as long as you return it in the designated 72-hour time period. If it is not returned there will be a $20 replacement fee charged to your account. You should email to obtain a new Spartan Card as soon as possible, as the temporary access card will disable your lost or stolen card. 

Can I have card access to a friend's hall?
No. Access to other halls with your card is not allowed for safety reasons.

How do I deposit money on my Spartan Card?
You can put UT Dollars on your account online under My Meal Plan. For Meal Plans, call (813) 257-3088 or go to the Dining Services Office, Vaughn Center Room 229.

I'm a commuter student, I don't have a meal plan and I don't use the library. Why do I need a Spartan Card?
The card is your primary proof of identification on campus and provides you access to parking garages, meal plans, post office, library services, select classrooms, fitness center and campus events. Students, faculty and staff are required to carry their Spartan Card ID and must be able to produce their ID card on campus when requested by a UT security officer or law enforcement agent.

Can I update the photo on my Spartan Card?
Yes, you can change the photo on your Spartan Card but there is a $20 charge that will be billed to your student account for the replacement card.