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J.C. Andersen, Ph.D., ATC, PT
J.C. Andersen is the director of the accredited Athletic Training Program at The University of Tampa. 

Claudia Aguado Loi, Ph.D., MPH, CPH 
Claudia Aguado Loi's research focuses on health inequities related to cancer. Her recent research has focused on the identification of risk factors for depressive symptomology among Latina breast cancer survivors.

Eduardo DeSouza, Ph.D.
Eduardo De Souza’s research has covered molecular, morphological and functional changes in response to several training regimens (e.g. strength, concurrent strength and endurance, HIIT) and nutritional interventions.

Fraser Houston, Ph.D.
Fraser Houston’s academic and research interests include physiological adaptations to exercise and disuse.

Willie Leung, Ph.D.
Willie Leung's research includes adapted physical activity and the usage of wearable devices in promoting physical activity and other health behaviors.

Mary Martinasek, Ph.D., RRT, MCHES, CPH
Mary Martinasek's research interests focus on respiratory health. In particular, her research has focused on novel tobacco products, asthma and most recently a review of the literature on the respiratory effects of inhalational marijuana.

Abraham L. Miller, Ph.D.
Abraham Miller's research interests focus on the behavior of scorpions, mating habits, geographical distribution and other attributes.

Melissa Morris, Ph.D.
Melissa Morris' research focuses on health promotion and nutrition.

Rebecca Olsen, Ph.D.
Rebecca Olsen's research focuses on healthcare quality.

Jay O'Sullivan, Ph.D.
Jay O'Sullivan specializes in the study of evolution and ecology of mammals, particularly horses, primates and opossums.

Nauris Tamulevicius, Ph.D.
Nauris Tamelevicius' research interests include applied exercise and sports physiology, optimization of physical conditioning in different populations, along with exercise applications in the prevention of disease and disabilities.

Ronda C. Sturgill, Ph.D.
Ronda Sturgill's research interests include program evaluation in health education and risky health behaviors of college students.

Joseph Walters, Ph.D.
Joseph Walters' research interests focus on adaptations to muscle tissue, nutrition, strength, power, and body composition. His interest also focuses on the sequencing of external stress (i.e., periodization) as it relates to sports performance.

Jen Wortham, Ph.D.
Jen Wortham’s research interests focus on the behaviors of marine animals, especially crustaceans such as shrimp and crabs.

Tracy Zontek, Ph.D.
Tracy Zontek's research interests focus on environmental and occupational threats to health, including hazard evaluation of nanoscale materials and 3D printing.