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As a community of scholars and artists, the College of Arts and Letters engages in cutting-edge creative work, technological innovation, critical scholarly practice and engagement with diverse communities. Collectively we affirm the value and importance of the arts and humanities in contributing to a more rewarding and just life. The eight academic departments of the College of Arts and Letters value theory, practice, and cultural and historical awareness. We encourage students, staff and faculty to be creative, innovative and discerning. In classrooms, studios, laboratories and venues across campus and across the globe, students and faculty work collaboratively to become effective communicators, ethical decision-makers and expressive meaning-makers who embody thought in action.  

College of Arts and Letters Goals

  • To enrich the cultural life of the University and community by continually presenting high-quality performances, exhibitions, scholarship, readings, screenings and recitals. 
  • To mentor students to become creative, critical thinkers and ethical communicators in diverse global contexts. 
  • To provide opportunities for faculty, staff and students to use emerging technologies creatively, effectively and ethically.
  • To assist students in acquiring the ability to critically assess the works of others as well as their own.
  • To engage students and faculty in collaborative, innovative and interdisciplinary environments with an understanding of the historical, present and future directions of their disciplines. 
  • To cultivate and sustain the artistic and scholarly pursuits of students, faculty and staff. 
  • To foster a climate of tolerance, trust and respect that encourages a diversity of persons, opinions and beliefs. 
  • To provide and maintain safe, effective, efficient and inviting college facilities.
  • To provide students, faculty and staff with the resources necessary for excellence in teaching and learning, research and creative activity.
  • To prepare students for a successful and rewarding life post-graduation.