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Film and Media Arts Programs – Portfolio Information

All students interested in the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) programs within Film and Media Arts will first apply to The University of Tampa. Acceptance to the University is not impacted by one’s decision to express interest or declare a major in Film and Media Arts.

There is no application process for the B.A. in Film and Media Arts program. Students will apply to The University of Tampa, check off interest in this program and will be automatically placed within that major.

To apply to the BFA program in Film and Media Arts: 

  1. Apply to The University of Tampa.
  2. Check off an interest in both the B.A. and BFA programs (You will automatically be accepted within the B.A. in Film and Media Arts program.)
  3. Fill out a portfolio submission form to the BFA in Film and Media arts and include links to your prior videos of your work.
  4. For questions about your film and media arts portfolio status or application, contact us

Submitting Your Portfolio to the BFA Film and Media Arts Program

Submit a portfolio of your film making production sample work.  

Upload any prior digital films you have made to your Vimeo or YouTube account in their entirety.

Be sure to provide information about all of the roles you had in creating this work, such as director, cinematographer and/or editor. You will include links to this work and any passcodes within your application form.

If you do not have prior video examples, please explain and submit other materials, such as images of photographs, scripts you have written and/or creative writing samples. For questions about your portfolio or application, please contact us

Submitting a portfolio and application does not automatically place a student within the BFA in Film and Media Arts program. There is a screening process by the FMA faculty. Students will be able to apply to the BFA program from the B.A. in Film and Media Arts if not accepted the first round, or if a portfolio is not available. There is no fee, or consequence on your admittance to The University of Tampa or the B.A. in Film and Media Arts, for submitting a portfolio or application to this program.