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BFA in Film and Media Arts is a professional film program, with a focus on hands-on film production of documentary, narrative and experimental films using state-of-the-art motion picture cameras and post-production facilities. The robust curriculum includes a broad array of specialized courses in the area of hands-on film production and post-production, as well as cinema studies, art history and screenwriting, designed to prepare students for the professional industry in the roles of director, producer, editor, special effects artist, sound designer and screenwriter, from the vantage point of informed thinkers and artists within the field. Students graduating with this degree will be seeking professional roles in the film industry, or graduate MFA programs, in the areas of film directing, film producing, film and digital production and post-production, special effects, sound design and/or screenwriting. The BFA in FMA portfolio requirement is discussed in the info page

B.A. in Film and Media Arts is a liberal arts program that blends film theory and criticism with film production. The program includes a robust curriculum in cinema studies and production. Students are immersed in the study of film, while creating their own short films within the program in documentary, narrative and/or experimental forms. Students receive training on state-of-the-art digital cameras and post-production facilities. Students graduating with this degree will be prepared in the areas of film criticism, screen writing and film production. Portfolio is not required for entrance to this program.

Both majors have many opportunities both inside and outside the classroom to gain hands-on experience and real-world knowledge of the industry. Students work on film projects locally and around the country and participate in internships at small production companies and large movie studios, alike. The program also brings in leading industry professionals to give students an insider's view of the business. 

Students have access to state-of-the-art cameras, production and post-production facilities, and industry standard editing software. Facilities also include two surround-sound screening rooms, a black box studio for three-camera TV production, a TV control room, an audio edit suite and foley room, a video and film production lab, 3-D printing facilities, and a digital arts and 3-D animation lab.

Topics of Study

  • filmmaking
  • cinematography
  • directing
  • producing
  • screenwriting
  • sound design
  • cinema studies
  • post-production
  • animation 

Facilities and Equipment

RED, Blackmagic, Canon.

All professional software

121 Station Mac Lab, Professional Sound ProTools Studio, Davinci Resolve Color Lab

Support Systems
Matthews Track, Varizoom Jib 


Film and Media Arts Minor - For the minor in film and media arts, see the course catalog for more details.

Between the individualized attention in the classroom and the freedom to customize your degree, you get everything you need to graduate with the right set of skills." — Kristin Anger ’15, film and media arts major, Delta Kappa Alpha president