The Department of Film, Animation and New Media aims to prepare filmmakers and visual producers to participate in the vanguard of the 21st century. In keeping with the mission of The University of Tampa, students learn by doing and thinking with courses in studio production using state of the art facilities, computer labs, digital cameras and sound stages. Our courses, designed to foster creative expression and professional technique, include hands-on studio classes in narrative, documentary, experimental and animation filmmaking; digital media and imaging; 3-D animation, modeling and printing; digital and interactive media; and experimental computing.

Degree Programs

BFA in Film and Media Arts
A professional film production program with a focus on hands-on film production of documentary, narrative and experimental films using state of the art motion picture cameras and post-production facilities. The robust curriculum include a broad array of specialized courses in the area of hands-on film production and post-production, as well as cinema studies, art history and screenwriting, designed to prepare students for the professional industry in the roles of director, producer, editor, special effects artist, sound designer, screenwriter, from the vantage point informed thinkers and artists within the field.

B.A. in Film and Media Arts 
A liberal arts program that blends film theory with film and media arts production. Blending "story" with "technology," students examine critical perspectives and practice implementing techniques in film and digital production. 

BFA in Animation 
A professional degree program focusing on traditional and computer animation (CGI), 3-D animation, motion effects, and visual and advanced software applications. Students graduating with this degree will seek roles as creative artists within the animation industry, such as at Pixar and Disney, or the gaming industry, focusing on special effects, advertising and internet media.
BFA in New Media
An interdisciplinary professional degree program including courses offered in film, animation, art, communication, information and technology management, music and writing. The program focuses on designing and creating applications for interactive media, mobile platforms and the internet for both commercial and experimental intent


All of the following minors are open to any student at The University of Tampa, and there is no portfolio entrance requirement. These minors could also provide a nice way to segue in to one of the professional BFA programs within FMX, by developing a portfolio, while also meeting preliminary requirements for the major.

  • Minor in Film and Media Arts
    The minor in Film and Media Arts is designed to provide a filmmaking experience for students who are majoring or minoring in other areas. The beauty of this program is that a student majoring in marine biology, for example, could learn to shoot underwater cinematography and focus on documentary filmmaking; or a student minoring in women and gender studies, could make narrative, experimental or documentary films that express their values; or government and world affairs majors could make documentaries focused around current, pertinent issues, etc. 
  • Minor in Animation
    The animation minor provides students with the opportunity to explore animation, while also pursuing their major area in film, art, music or other fields. 
  • Minor in New Media
    The new media minor provides students with the opportunity to explore new media, while also pursuing their major area in animation, film, art, music or other fields.
  • Minor in Digital Media
    The digital media minor emphasizes the creative uses of computing technology for professional and experimental purposes. The available digital tools offer a range of potential experiences, from developing electronic media to producing content for interactive applications. Professional internships are available and encouraged.
  • Minor in Interactive Media
    The interactive media minor aims to act as an interdisciplinary liaison with other majors and programs at The University of Tampa. Its goal is to prepare a new generation of innovators and leaders in the field of interaction design. Its mission is to explore the use of technology, design, human behavior and their impact on communication. The multidisciplinary curriculum brings together students from different backgrounds to learn about application development, web design, mobile design, data visualization, interaction design, creative coding and other emerging technologies. 

Topics of Study

Each degree program has courses specific to the degree focus. Electives across the areas are available. A sample list of courses includes the following: 

  • Narrative, Documentary Production 
  • Experimental Filmmaking 
  • 2-D and 3-D Computer Animation 
  • Webisode Design and Production 
  • Digital Imaging
  • App Design
  • Interactive Media
  • Digital Media
  • Advanced Post-Production
  • Screenwriting
  • Producing
  • 3-D Printing and Modeling
  • Internships
  • Multimedia and Installation Art
  • Senior Thesis Seminars in Film, Animation and New Media
  • Cinema Studies

A full list of courses can be found in the online catalog.


Internships area available for credit for juniors with a minimum 3.0 GPA by registering for FMX 374 Internship. UT/FMX students have interned locally and nationally, including at the following:

  • On location with feature films shot in the Tampa Bay area:
    The Infiltrator
    Dolphin Tale
    No Postage Necessary
    Not Alone
  • With companies based in the Tampa Bay area:
    Blue Water Media
    Diamond View Studios
    ES Creative
    Film Tampa Bay
    Litewave Media
    Movie Groovy
    Shooting Stars Post
    Theory Studios 
  • With Legend 3D in Los Angeles and at Sony Music Entertainment in New York. 

FMX Filmmaker and Artist Series

Filmmakers have included:

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