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Ferman Center for the Arts

The Ferman Center for the Arts, which opened Spring 2021, provides a creative and transformative space for the fine and performing arts. Students studying music, art, design, speech, theatre, dance, communication, philosophy and film will enjoy four-stories of a visual and acoustic showcase. The building offers sound-insulated professional spaces, flexible performance staging, collaborative practice studios, study spaces and access to faculty offices.

Highlights of the Ferman Center for the Arts

Floor one:

  • 200-seat, acoustically-tuned theater
  • Art gallery
  • Elevated performance area
  • Multi-use lobby space
  • Outdoor art courtyard with casting/sand pit area and furnaces
  • Sculpture studio
  • Wood and metal fabrication shops

Floor two:

  • Circular stairwell performance stage
  • Center for Public Speaking
  • Large painting studio
  • 20 small advanced painting project studios
  • Student study gallery space

Floor three:

  • Black box theater
  • Two large dance studios
  • General and seminar classrooms

Floor four:

  • Twelve music practice rooms, music teaching studios and instrument storage
  • Three recording studios with a professional level control room
  • Two sound insulated music classrooms
  • Study spaces and computer lab

Student sitting in lobby

The Ferman Center lobby showcases artwork displays and offers study spaces for students.

People sitting in front of accent wall

The Ferman Center features handmade accent walls to foster creative spaces.

Student painting Ahmaud Arbery portrait

Students are given space in the Ferman Center to practice their talents and express themselves.

Student playing piano

The Ferman Center has twelve music practice rooms, music teaching studios and instrument storage.

Individual using art laser

State-of-the-art technology is available to students to implement their creations.

The Ferman Family.

The Ferman Center for the Arts is named in honor of the Ferman family, longtime supporters of UT.

President Ronald Vaughn speaking at the grand opening of the Ferman Center for the Arts..

At the grand opening of the Ferman Center for the Arts, President Ronald Vaughn and others gave remarks to a large crowd.

The Saunders Foundation Art Gallery.

Located on the first floor, the Saunders Foundation Art Gallery is a visually inspiring introduction to the Ferman Center for the Arts. The 3,700-square-foot gallery is a spectacular space for showcasing artwork by students, faculty and visiting artists.

The painting studio.

The painting studio is furnished with movable taborets to provide flexibility for students to create art of all sizes.

The grand opening for the Ferman Center for the Arts.

Attendees of the grand opening were treated to performances and presentations by students studying the arts.

Dance students.

UT’s dance students enjoy the many benefits of the Liz and Jim MacLeod Dance Studios.

Students practicing in a rehearsal room.

The grand rehearsal and chamber rehearsal rooms can be used separately or combined to seat a 36-member ensemble or an 82-member orchestra, respectively.

Students in the recording studio.

UT’s state-of-the-art recording studio provides students with the latest digital technology, as well as traditional analog control and mixing to develop the essential knowledge and technical proficiency for careers in the music industry.

Sculpture studio and woodshop.

The sculpture studio and woodshop have been expanded to accommodate both course offerings and students’ creative capacities in traditional media and emerging technologies.

The piano lab inside the Ferman Center for the Arts

The fourth floor of the Ferman Center houses a music technology lab, piano lab, 14 individual acoustically enhanced practice rooms, two sound-insulated music classrooms, music teaching studios and classrooms.