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The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Animation is a professional degree program focusing on computer animation, motion effects, CGI, and visual and advanced software applications. Students graduating with this degree will seek roles as creative artists within the animation industry and related fields, and/or graduate study within MFA programs. The focus is on creative growth through intense exploration of a wide range of animation techniques, coupled with direct use of contemporary industry standards. Development of visualization skills, creativity, coding, 3-D modeling and printing, rigging, illustration and storytelling form the cornerstone of the program. The digital tools used in the program offer a range of potential experience, from commercial animations and visual effects, to producing content for interactive and immersive applications. Professional internships are available and encouraged. The program culminates with a senior project capstone class where students develop individual or collective industry standard animations or projects to be included in their professional reels and portfolios, as well as archived in the UT library's institutional repository.

Topics of Study

  • computer animation
  • Maya computer animation software
  • rotoscoping
  • sound design
  • digital filmmaking
  • creative coding
  • web programming
  • online production
  • interactive media
  • physical computing
  • multimedia
  • installation

Career Opportunities

  • animation creator
  • 3-D modeler and texturer
  • special effects artist
  • legal animation
  • medical animation
  • digital filmmaking
  • interactive media artist
  • sound designer
  • online producer

A minor in animation is also offered.

Internship Opportunities

Internships area available for credit for juniors with a minimum 3.0 GPA by registering for FMX 374 Internship. UT/FMX students have interned locally and nationally, including at the following companies based in the Tampa Bay area: 

Theory Studios
Blue Water Media
Diamond View Studios
ES Creative
Film Tampa Bay
Litewave Media
Movie Groovy
Shooting Stars Post

UT interns have also worked with companies nationally, including Legend 3D in Los Angeles and at Sony Music Entertainment in New York.