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Tutoring is a great place to start your successful semester. Not only will you become more proficient in the course you are tutored in, but most tutors are upper level UT students who have been where you are and can relate to what you are going through. Besides their knowledge of subject material, they are also a great source for answers to questions you may have about other resources on campus. Tutors are available for traditionally challenging courses in science, math, statistics, accounting, finance, economics, languages and more. 

Fall 2020 Remote Peer Support Services

All AEP peer tutoring will be offered via Zoom this semetsr, on an appointment basis. Please note, tutoring services will be expanding to include drop in service later in the semester. Course-based tutoring sessions are currently available for the following courses:

  • College Algebra: MAT 160
  • Pre-Calculus: MAT 170
  • Calculus for Business: MAT 225
  • Calculus I: MAT 260
  • Financial Accounting: ACC 202
  • Financial Management: FIN 310
  • Application Development: ITM 251
  • Statistics and Experimental Methods: PSY 211
  • Principles of Microeconomics: ECO 204
  • Principles of Macroeconomics: ECO 205
  • General Chemistry I: CHE 152
  • Chemistry for Healthcare Professions: CHE 150
  • General Biology I and II: BIO 198/ BIO 199
  • Anatomy and Physiology I and II: HSC 230/ HSC 231/ HSC 234/ HSC 235
  • Spanish Elementary to Advanced: SPA 101/ SPA 102/ SPA 201/ SPA 202/ SPA 300/ SPA 301

Tutoring is not offered for all UT courses, however additional courses will be added as we continue to hire tutors. Log-in to Navigate to view available appointment tutoring sessions. Students seeking tutoring must be enrolled in the course for Fall 2020 session(s). 

Instructions on Accessing and Scheduling Tutoring Sessions on Navigate

  1. Log in to MyUTampa with your University of Tampa domain login credentials (username and password used for accessing computers).
  2. Click on the EAB Navigate applet.
  3. This will take you to the Student Home.
  4. In the upper right-hand corner, click Get Assistance.
  5. On the Get Assistance page, select Tutoring/ Peer Support under the appointment type.
  6. Then select Online PeerTutoring Services under why you would like to see someone.
  7. Then select Course-based Tutoring, then click Next.
  8. Select the location: Online Coaching and Tutoring.
  9. Select the course for which you are seeking to schedule a session. *Sessions are only available for the listed courses for tutoring sessions.
  10. Select a tutor for who you would like to see or leave blank. *You can choose more than one to view additional available sessions. Then click Next
  11. Available appointment sessions will be indicated in blue.
  12. Select a day and time that you would like to attend an appointment session and click Next.
  13. Review the appointment details, add any notes about specific items you would like to discuss with the tutor and click Confirm Appointment. An email confirmation will be sent to you and the tutor.    

Make an Appointment

Note: In order to assist students effectively and efficiently, please come to your tutoring session prepared with questions, books, practice test, etc.   

Additional Questions/Comments?

Email or call (813) 257-5757.

Seeking a tutor position?

Apply online through Handshake.  

Interested in becoming a tutor?

AEP is always looking for good scholars who are interested in tutoring other students. If you have at least a 3.0 GPA, attended UT for at least one semester and received a minimum AB in the subject you wish to tutor, then you are eligible to apply to be a tutor. Available positions are posted on HireUT each semseter. For questions, contact