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The University of Tampa licenses its trademarks, monitors their use and takes appropriate legal action with respect to infringements of its trademarks, because failure to challenge infringements can result in the loss of rights in the trademarks. A single improper use of a trademark does not invalidate it, but repeated improper use or a pattern of inattention to proper usage can be most damaging. UT takes the protection of its name and trademarks very seriously.

Along with Affinity, UT will use every means within the law to vigorously pursue any infringement of our trademark rights.

To determine whether a product is licensed, look for the licensed product label (represented below). All licensed manufacturers of UT products are required to display this label on the product or on the packaging.

Any suspected misuse or unlicensed use of the University’s name or trademarks should be reported immediately to the licensing department.

Every time you buy an official licensed University product, the manufacturer returns a portion of that money to the University. This "Affinity Licensed Product" label is your assurance that the merchandise you purchase is "official" and has been approved by the University. Before you buy, look for the label.

Legal Notice and Disclosures

This website to is not intended and should not be construed as a statement of applicable law nor a definitive explanation of the scope of The University of Tampa’s legal rights nor otherwise to provide any legal advice or opinion. It is UT’s policy to require a license for any use of any of its trademarks, and for any other activity involving its trademarks, that if unlicensed would constitute a trademark infringement or trademark dilution, but it is not the intent of UT’s policy to limit or prevent or to require the licensing of activity that would not infringe or dilute UT’s legal rights, e.g., the legitimate exercise of the constitutional right of free speech or trademark or copyright fair use.

However, UT does not provide advisory legal opinions or any other form of legal advice to third parties as to whether a proposed use of its trademarks may constitute permissible free speech or fair use or otherwise to not require a license. The denial by UT of any application for a license does not necessarily imply or infer that the requested activity would per se infringe or dilute any trademark, nor that the activity necessarily requires a license.

Interested parties are encouraged to seek their own legal counsel on any questions concerning the need for or terms of a license from The University of Tampa.