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Learning Communities

The learning communities listed below allow students to reside with those who have similar interests. Residents who sign up for one of these halls must agree to the standards set by floor residents and staff.

Students may submit suggestions and requests for future communities. For more information or to make suggestions, please contact the Office of Residence Life.

Honors Floors 

Created for students enrolled in the Honors Program, these floors are designed to provide a study-intensive environment. Students on these floors have special programs and events, making this environment a stimulating one both educationally and socially.  Applicants must be current members of the Honors Program and maintain that membership. For more information, please contact Ryan Cragun at or (813) 257-3803.

Leadership Floor

Students selected as members of the leadership floor will have the opportunity to develop their own leadership abilities while interacting with other campus leaders and organizations. This community represents a diverse set of individuals existing interdependently. This community is a dynamic place composed of people with different values, cultures, lifestyles and attitudes. Members learn from others and strive to understand the individuality and life choices of others through an atmosphere of positive encouragement, mutual respect and tolerance. 

Living Well Community

The Living Well residential community is an opportunity for students who prefer to live in a quieter community where the effects of alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs are minimized as much as possible. Members of this community are committed to their own health and wellness by abstaining from alcohol, tobacco and drug use within this residential community. They also agree to take responsibility for their guests and assist in holding each other accountable within this community.


New students can apply by checking one of these options on the housing application.