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Published: June 25, 2015

McKay Hall Receives Complete Makeover This Summer

One of The University of Tampa’s original residence halls is getting a complete makeover this summer.

McKay Hall, which opened in 1959 as a men’s only residence hall and is set on the banks of the Hillsborough River, will soon have the sort of amenities and comforts typical of UT’s modern, multi-floor living spaces.

“These renovations will put McKay Hall on the same level as other UT residence halls,” said UT President Ron Vaughn. “I believe these improvements, along with McKay’s historic nature, its central location, its view of and proximity to the river, will make it a desirable living location and improve the learning environment.”

The most visible improvement will be an enhanced, defined front entrance that will lead into a new student community room with conference and study areas, offices for residence assistants, new restrooms and an upgraded common room.

The common room will provide residents a comfortable relaxation and socializing area, with recreational games, group study and conversation areas, offices, new furniture, a renovated kitchen, televisions and portals for charging and using devices. The views toward the river and downtown have also been opened up with increased use of glass.

All of the interior finishes, bathrooms, bathroom fixtures, windows, ceilings, doors, plumbing, mechanical/electrical systems, roofing and flooring will be replaced. McKay Hall was the last residence hall on UT’s campus with one wing of communal showers, and those will now be replaced with suite-style, private accommodations. That wing will be gutted in order to make the change.

The existing laundry room will be renovated, and a second laundry room will also be added.

“Quite simply, when it is completed, McKay Hall will be on the same caliber as other recently completed halls,” Vaughn said.

In addition, a shaded lanai will be added to the west side of the common area, affording a comfortable view of the sand volleyball court and the river and leading to a landscaped setting. The center courtyard will also be landscaped to allow for a shaded, park-like experience with seating areas and barbecue grills.

McKay, which is a two-story residence hall, most recently housed 190 students, and will house slightly fewer students after the renovation.

The renovation is scheduled to be completed in time for students to move in this fall. A few final touches will occur next summer.

The original construction of McKay Hall began in 1958, along with Smiley Hall, which was a women’s-only dormitory. Prior to those projects, UT residential students lived in rooms in Plant Hall, then known as the Tampa Bay Hotel.