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Meet Aaron Wood

Assistant Professor, Economics


2008 Bradley University, B.S./B.M.
2014 University of Wyoming, Ph.D.

Courses Taught: Game Theory and Strategy
Principles of Microeconomics

Career Specialties: Aaron Wood specializes in environmental and natural resource economics, energy economics, game theory, behavioral and experimental economics, computational economics, industrial organization and sports economics.

Professional and Community Activities: Wood’s research combines evolutionary game theory and agent-based modeling into a methodological toolkit to advance economics as an evolutionary science and to study a class of behavioral problems difficult to address with orthodox economics techniques. In particular, his approach studies problems in which economic agents learn, experiment, act on emotion and rely on heuristics to guide their choices within strategic settings that develop across time. His primary application for this toolkit is behavioral energy economics, with a focus on the evolution of global petroleum markets in the 1960s and 1970s. A paper from this research is in press at the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, and it was coauthored with Charles F. Mason and David Finnoff. In current and future work, Wood is applying his approach to the evolution of natural gas markets and renewables in North America.

Additionally, Wood conducts research in the areas of behavioral economics, experimental economics, and applied microeconomics. He published a paper examining the impact of information on consumer behavior in the context of climate change with Jason F. Shogren and Onur Sapci in Climatic Change. Currently, Wood is studying social issues that include gun violence and ridesharing with Kevin C. Berry, while he is also working on projects that include the impact of population growth on optimal carbon taxes, the relationship between educational attainment and labor productivity in professional athletics, and the teaching of club goods in introductory microeconomics courses. He has presented his research at regional and national conferences, and he has experience as an energy economics consultant. Wood is also a jazz pianist, and he is active in the Episcopal Church.

Wood, Aaron D., Charles F. Mason, and David C. Finnoff. 2016. “OPEC, the Seven Sisters, and Oil Market Dominance: An Evolutionary Game Theory and Agent-Based Modeling Approach.” In press at the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization.

Sapci, Onur, Aaron D. Wood, and Jason F. Shogren. 2016. “Can Verifiable Information Cut Through the Noise about Climate Protection? An Experimental Auction Test.” Climatic Change 134: 87-99.

Honors and Awards: 2014 PIE (Promoting Intellectual Engagement in the First Year) Teaching Award Winner at Wyoming
2013 PIE (Promoting Intellectual Engagement in the First Year) Teaching Award Winner at Wyoming
2012-2013 Anadarko Fellowship for Excellence in Energy Scholarship