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Meet Eric Werner

Chair, Chemistry, Biochemistry and Physics/Associate Professor, Chemistry

Education: 2002 University of Florida, B.S.
2007 University of California - Berkeley, Ph.D.

Courses Taught: General Chemistry Lecture
General Chemistry Lab
Inorganic Chemistry Lecture
Inorganic Chemistry Lab

Career Specialties: Eric Werner’s research interests lie mainly in the area of lanthanide coordination chemistry. Current efforts in Werner’s lab include the development of novel medical imaging agents and luminescent sensors based on lanthanide complexes, as well as the design of improved methods for rare earth element extraction and separations.

Professional and Community Activities: Werner’s background is in the development of gadolinium(III) complexes as stable, highly sensitive MRI contrast agents. This work involved multi-step organic ligand syntheses and solution thermodynamic and relaxometric studies of the metal complexes prepared. Research at UT has been geared towards the synthesis of novel complexes for similar imaging applications, as well as the preparation of luminescent europium(III) and terbium(III) complexes for sensor and bioassay design. Recent research efforts have also included the development of ligands for selective extraction of various f-elements from aqueous solution. Results from this work may have implications for nuclear waste remediation and in the extraction of valuable rare earth metals from raw sources or commercial products (i.e., "e-waste" recycling).

Werner is a member of the American Chemical Society and the Council on Undergraduate Research. He has published scientific articles in a number of peer-reviewed journals and regularly delivers national conference presentations over research incorporating undergraduate student coauthors.

Honors and Awards: UT CNHS Outstanding Scholar Award, 2016
UT CNHS Outstanding Student Research Supervision Award, 2015
UT CNHS Innovation in Teaching Award, 2013