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Assistant Professor, Marine Sciences


2002 Coastal Carolina University, B.S.
2005 Marine Science University of North Carolina, M.S.
2010 Stony Brook University, Ph.D.

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Courses Taught: Environmental Science
Introduction to Marine Science
Physical Geology

Career Specialties: Michael Slattery's research interests focus on the coastal zone, transitioning from the terrestrial to the marine with particular emphasis on the beach and nearshore. Within this realm of the marine/terrestrial/atmospheric dynamic, he has additionally been involved with providing scientific results to community planners on results of these studies.

Professional and Community Activities: Within the coastal zone his research has been broad, studying the evolution of beach morphology (both modern and historical), nearshore wave dynamics focused on incipient rip currents, trends in sea level change and nearshore – inner shelf sedimentology. The coastal zone is a transition zone where terrestrial, marine and atmospheric influences have direct impacts on local populations. It’s important that researchers not only constantly build on the state of knowledge, but that scientists form reliable pathways provide pertinent information to the people living and making decisions in these transition zones.

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Pietrafesa, LJ, P.T. Gayes, M.P. Slattery (presenter). 2012. On Sea Level Variability
and Trends. Geological Society of America 2012 Annual Meeting and Exposition, Charlotte, NC.

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Slattery, M.P., H.J. Bokuniewicz, P.T. Gayes. 2011. Flash rip currents along the south shore of Long Island, NY. In S. Leatherman, J. Fletemeyer, Rip Currents: Beach Safety Physical Oceanography and Wave Modeling. Boca Raton, FL. CRC Press:

Buonaiuto, F.S., M.P. Slattery, H.J. Bokuniewicz. 2011. Wave Modeling of Long Island Coastal Waters. Journal of Coastal Research, 27(3): 470-477.

Slattery, M.P. 2010. Assessing the nature of rip currents along the south shore of Long
Island, NY: Dominant rip type and insights into possible forcing mechanisms.
Ph.D. Dissertation. Stony Brook University.

Using the results from his research, he has created training programs and actionable products to help coastal communities and the general populations respond to coastal hazards. These efforts have included: two rip current training programs, one for the public and another for lifeguards/park rangers; creation of a South Carolina Guide to Beachfront Property with SC DHEC OCRM; support in creation of local beach management plans with two coastal communities; information on the viability of wind energy installations along the South Carolina coast and beach change reports that guided the US ACE and two local communities in managing coastal sand resources. In addition to existing products, he is currently part of a nationwide effort among rip current researchers, lifeguards and the National Weather Service to review a decade of rip current outreach via a series of social science methods. The outcome of their research can be implemented to better guide future research in addressing the most immediate threats to beachgoers.