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Meet Renee Patrick

Associate Professor, Psychology

Education: 2009 The Ohio State University, Ph.D.
2004 The Ohio State University, M.A.
1997 University of Oklahoma, B.A.

Courses Taught: Development 1: Child Psychology
Development 2: Adulthood & Aging
Statistics and Experimental Methods 1

Career Specialties: Renee Patrick's area of study is developmental psychology. She is interested in what motivates children and adolescents to act in positive, caring and helpful ways toward others. Specifically, she examines how children’s moral identity, moral reasoning, empathy and self-efficacy influence prosocial behavior. She also looks at the role of parenting in sociomoral development.

As a part of her research, she has adapted two psychological measures for use: The Perceived Parental Discipline Questionnaire (PPDQ) and the Moral Self-Relevance Measure (MSR).

Professional and Community Activities: As Service Learning Coordinator for the Psychology Department, she assists faculty and students by working with community organizations to set up and maintain volunteer partnerships.

Society for Research in Child Development, the Society for Research on Adolescence, the Association of Psychological Science, the Association for Moral Education, and the Society for the Teaching of Psychology.

Selected Publications/Presentations:

Patrick, R. B., Bodine, A. J., Gibbs, J.C., & Basinger, K. S. (in press). What accounts for prosocial behavior? Roles of moral identity, moral judgment, and self-efficacy beliefs. The Journal of Genetic Psychology: Research and Theory on Human Development.

Patrick, R. B., Romero-Hall, E., Iasillo, K., & Dwy, M. (2018). Promoting empathic concern for the elderly through a computer-based simulation model. In R. L. Miller & A. Martinez (Eds.). Teaching Tips: A Compendium of Conference Presentations on Teaching, 2016-17. Retrieved from the Society for the Teaching of Psychology web site:

Yuen, E. K., Koterba, E. A., Stasio, M. J., Patrick, R. B., Gangi, C., Ash, P., Barakat, K., Greene, V., Hamilton, W., & Mansour, B. (2018). The effects of Facebook on mood in emerging adults. Psychology of Popular Media Culture.

Patrick, R.B., & Gibbs, J. C. (2016). Maternal acceptance: Its contribution to children’s favorable perceptions of discipline and moral identity. The Journal of Genetic Psychology: Research and Theory on Human Development, 177(3), 73-84.

Patrick, R., Romero, E.J., Scott, J., Kautz, S., & Dane, K. (2016, October). Anti-bullying websites: assessing content & readability. Poster presented at the Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD) Special Topic Meeting: Technology and Media in Children’s Development, Irvine, CA.

Patrick, R. B., & Gibbs, J.C. (2012). Inductive discipline, parental expression of disappointment, and moral identity in adolescence. Journal of Youth & Adolescence, 41(8), 973-983.

Patrick, R. B. & Gibbs, J. C. (2010, March). The perceived parental discipline questionnaire (PPDQ). Poster presented at the Biennial Meeting of the Society for Research on Adolescence, Philadelphia, PA.

Patrick, R.B., & Gibbs, J. C. (2007). Parental expression of disappointment: Should it be a factor in Hoffman's model of parental discipline? The Journal of Genetic Psychology: Research and Theory on Human Development, 168, 131–145.