Ashley Longstreet


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SA 104

Meet Ashley Longstreet

Assistant Professor, Chemistry


2010 Lynchburg College, B.Sc.
2015 Florida State University, Ph.D.



Courses Taught: Organic Chemistry

Career Specialties: Ashley Longstreet specializes in organic chemistry, and she has been trained in multiple areas including continuous-flow chemistry, fluorescent probes and nickel catalysis.

Professional and Community Activities: Visible light is an abundant energy source that serves as a powerful tool for chemical transformations. In the field of photoredox catalysis, organic chemists can utilize this energy source in the presence of light absorbing molecules to perform chemical transformations otherwise difficult to do under standard reaction conditions. Inspired by her work with fluorescent probes and nickel catalysis, Longstreet is interested in conducting research in photoredox catalysis using phenoxazine and phenothiazine derivatives as the photocatalysts. The phenoxazine and phenothiazine compounds behave as powerful single-electron reductants when excited by light, and are an inexpensive and metal-free alternative to other photocatalysts that behave similarly.

Honors and Awards: 2016, NIH Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award, Postdoctoral Fellowship- Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2010, James Lewis Howe Award for Excellence in Chemistry, ACS VA Blue Ridge Section- Lynchburg College
2009, Phi Kappa Phi, National Academic Honor Society (inducted)- Lynchburg College