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Meet Ali Jenzarli

Professor, Information and Technology Management

Education: 1985 University of Louisiana, B.S.
1995 University of Kansas, Ph.D.

Courses Taught: Modeling and Analysis for Executive Decision Making
Effective Project Management
Statistics for Decisions Makers
Advanced Business Forecasting
Decision Modeling and Analysis

Career Specialties: Ali Jenzarli specializes in data-driven analysis and probabilistic modeling for project management, quality diagnosis, and managerial and economic decision making.

Professional and Community Activities: Jenzarli has conducted more than 45 local, national and international consulting projects in the areas of operational efficiency, software and business valuations, data analysis, forecasting, quality and process improvement, and program accreditation. These projects spanned a variety of industries including software development, retail and financial services, technology start-ups, manufacturing, property insurance and higher education.

Jenzarli has more than 100 intellectual contributions in various areas of basic and applied research. These include published manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals, peer-reviewed presentations, new course and workshop developments and seven grants. Topics include project, operations, quality and risk management, business intelligence, forecasting, uncertain reasoning, artificial intelligence, evidence-based architectural design in health-care and clinical data analysis.

Jenzarli is a tenured professor in UT's Sykes College of Business. He served as chair of the Information and Technology Management department for 6.5 years. Jenzarli has received 20 honors and awards for outstanding teaching, service and academic achievements. He is a member of six professional societies and institutes. He has held more than 10 leadership and volunteer positions in industry, university and community.