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Meet Stephen Blessing

Professor, Psychology

Education: 1992 University of Illinois, B.S.
1994 Carnegie Mellon University, M.S.
1996 Carnegie Mellon University, Ph.D.

Courses Taught: General Psychology
Sensation and Perception
Statistics and Experimental Method

Career Specialties: Stephen Blessing specializes in cognitive psychology.

Professional and Community Activities: Blessing’s research includes studying how people learn from examples and how problem solvers begin skipping steps. To better understand cognitive phenomenon, he uses techniques such as cognitive modeling and protocol analysis.

He applies his research to education by developing curricula, online training, and tutoring tools, which have been used by students nationwide. He has recently co-edited a book on the creation of authoring tools for intelligent tutors and presented a talk at the national meeting of the National Council for Teachers of Mathematics.

He is active in the Cognitive Science Society, the International Association for Artificial Intelligence in Education, and the User Modeling Society.