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What is Emotional Wellness?

Emotional wellness is about coping effectively with life and creating positive relationships. It inspires self-care, relaxation, stress reduction and the ability to develop inner strength to meet life’s challenges.

Mental Health is Health

Need a mental health self-check? Need resources? Mental Health is Health aims to normalize the importance of emotional health, create conversation and establish connections to mental health resources.

Take the Mental Health Self-Check Assessment

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On-Campus Resources

Counseling Services

University of Tampa Counseling Services provides alcohol and other drug assessments, psychoeducational groups, 1-1 counseling, and referral to treatment as needed. Please contact or call (813) 253-6250 to make an appointment.

Online Resources

Mental and Emotional Health Resources



Anxiety and Depression


We understand that the COVID-19 situation may be creating a sense of panic, anxiety, and unease. We encourage you to practice mindfulness, the act of being engaged and aware of the present moment, to keep you anchored in the present, while your mind may be wandering into the past or into the future. There are several ways to creatively practice mindfulness. Here are a few:


The Dickey Health and Wellness Center would like to introduce you to TWO mental health resources for UT students: Ajivar Mindfulness and Resiliency App and the Ajivar Real YOU Community.

Ajivar is here! FREE for All UT students and staff and available 24/7. 

  • Ajivar can help you improve your emotional intelligence, resiliency, and mental health.   
  • Ajivar Real YOU Community will connect you with instant peer-to-peer support. It is a safe place where you can talk anonymously about anything JUDGMENT FREE. “ You are stressed about a class, COVID is impacting your health, your boyfriend broke up with you, your mom is annoying…whatever the topic.” 

You are not alone - talk with the Ajivar App or talk with your peers on Real YOU! Ajivar also provides Ooz challenges, personalized meditations, and journaling.

Easy as One - Two - Three and someone is here for you. 

  1. Download Ajivar.
  2. Sign-up with your UT email address.
  3. A verification code will be sent to your email that you will use for activation.

Ajivar Sign-Up Instruction Manual

If you have any questions about the Ajivar app, please contact the Wellness Center at

Grief and Loss

Mental Health/Well-Being Apps

Community Resources

Active Minds (Mental Health Education and Awareness)

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Active Minds focuses on mental health and mental wellness here in the UT community. We put on programs that help students manage their mental wellbeing. The most important part of Active Minds is to remind any individual that no matter what problems they are facing, you are never alone.

Learn More About Active Minds

Balance UT (Mindfulness Promotion and Awareness)

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Balance UT focuses on helping University of Tampa students attain mental wellness through yoga, meditation, and mindfulness practices. By educating individuals about the power of our thoughts, we increasingly obtain our goal of having a blissful and healthy campus.

Learn More About Balance UT

Healing Arts (Creative Activities for Mental Health and Wellbeing)

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Healing Arts focuses on promoting a mentally well and creative atmosphere using expressive activities. We bring in guest artists to provide free outlets on campus to help with stress management by means of art, dance, music, writing, and meditation. This is open all students and does not require any prior experience to participate in these exercises. All of these techniques are meant to be taken home with you to either use as daily reminders or decorations. Additionally, we hope that students can use these techniques by themselves during times of stress.

Learn More About Healing Arts