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  1. Complete all necessary work projects and paperwork. This may include obligations to both your employer and faculty in order to receive academic credit.
  2. Meet with the Office of Career Services and your department internship coordinator to discuss experience and how this has shaped your career focus. This should include the identification of strengths and weaknesses of yourself, the company and the industry.
  3. Review and re-establish your goals as necessary. Begin with self-assessment and inventory your skills, values, personality and interests.
  4. Send follow-up correspondence to site supervisor and any other contacts you met while at your internship. This can open the door for future communications that may focus on networking, industry related questions, and job search success.
  5. Consider your options. If graduating, evaluate how this has helped shape your job search. If you are not graduating, consider another internship based on your re-established goals. For example, if you interned with a large, publicly traded company; consider another internship with a private or smaller organization.  
  6. Update your resume so you do not forget all you accomplished during the internship.