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How do I know if I am eligible to earn academic credit for my internship?
You must meet your department’s requirements found at Be sure to enroll in the internship course before the registration deadline during the semester that you are completing the internship. Retroactive credit is not permitted.

Does my internship qualify for academic credit?
Please schedule an appointment on Handshake to meet with a career coach in the Office of Career Services ( to discuss internships. The career coach will verify if your internship is pre-approved for credit by your department. If it is not, you will be instructed on how to begin the approval process.

How many hours do I need to work at my internship to earn academic credit?
This varies a bit between departments across campus, but a good rule of thumb is about 5 hours/week = 1 credit. Refer to your faculty internship coordinator for information specific to your major.

What is the cost per credit hour for an approved internship for academic credit?
Refer to financial aid for an official cost. The average is around $620 (undergrad) and $660 (grad) per credit hour.

How does the internship process differ for international and domestic students?
Overall the process is the same. There are only two main differences:

  1. International students will need to contact the International Programs Office to inquire about CPT eligibility and complete the necessary paperwork.
  2. International students MUST earn academic credit for their internships (unpaid and paid).

Duration of internships for academic credit?
This varies a bit between departments, but on average: summer (12 weeks), fall/spring (14 weeks)

Can I receive academic credit for a paid internship?
Yes. You can concurrently earn academic credit and get paid for your internship.

If I am not required to earn credit for my internship, do I have to meet with career services?
We would be happy to assist you with your internship search, but you are not required to complete any paperwork with the University for non-credit internships. (Note: International students must earn credit for all internships.)